Sunday, March 8, 2015

Topps Finest Greatest Lou Bock autograph

For some reason, I've never showed this card on my blog. It's an absolutely beautiful card, with a clean on card autograph #ed /149. I pulled this card while I was in the hospital, from a case of 2014 Topps Finest that my family all contributed to. It actually wasn't too bad, and I had a ton of fun opening it. Anyways, Lou Brock wasn't the best Finest Greats autograph to pull, but it's still awesome! Compared to some of the names on the checklist, Sandy Koufax, Bo Jackson, Mariano Rivera, Lou Brock is probably one of the weaker names. Still, the card is beautiful, and it's another awesome HOF autograph to add to my collection! It's one of my favorite cards that I have in my collection!
I was thinking about grading it, but I've never graded a card, and it seems so expensive! I'm no professional grader, but this card looks flawless. Sorry for the bad scan!
Thank you for reading!