Monday, March 30, 2015

2015 National Sports Collectors Convention


     I had one of THE BEST times at the 2014 Nationals Sports Collectors Convention. It only happens once a year at the end of July, beginning of August. I wanted to go when I first found out about it in March or April. I did go, and went 3 out of 5 days. 

     DAY ONE: We drove all the way down to Cleveland Ohio, but had to stop at a hotel for one night. When I walked in the convention center, I remember thinking,  Oh my gosh, this place is HUGE! I didn't even know where I should walk. I didn't meet any celebrities, but I did buy memorabilia, cards, and a bunch of other stuff. I spent about 6 FULL hours there and didn't get bored at all because there was a HUGE amount of stuff to look at and buy.

     DAY TWO: I couldn't wait to get there the second day, because I was going to get my picture taken with Reggie Jackson. I spent a couple hours walking around, then I went to the autograph pavilion to meet Mr.October. First I got my picture taken with him and he was messing around with me and was a really nice and funny guy. They got the picture printed out and then I was in line to get an autograph from Reggie. I handed him a bat to sign and also asked him to inscribe it "To Frankie" on the bat and he did! I then asked him to sign the photo of him and I, he did and inscribed it "Mom, watch out for the hair" because he was messing around with my hair, and told my mom I wasn't a girl... My mom tried to brush my hair.... I also met Al Oliver who played for the Pirates a while back, and autographed a ball and inscribed it also which was really nice of him. I looked around some more, then It started to close down so we had to leave...

Don't let this trick you... It's MUCH bigger!!!

     DAY THREE: The last day at the convention, and for everybody else, I got to meet Joe Torre! I did the usual, go look around, than I had my picture taken with Joe Torre. He was nice, but he didn't really smile. Than I went to the autograph pavilion and he signed a jersey, the photo, and a ball and inscribed it "Happy birthday 8/11" because It was my birthday a week and a half later. Then, I had a free ticket to meet and have my picture taken with Gary Bell, a pitcher for the Indians in the 60's. I had my picture taken with him, then he signed the photo, a ball, and a picture he had taken with my mom because she got a free autograph ticket from some random guy.

This was back in 2009. It's just an example of how big the convention really is. It also has a nice little ferris wheel in the middle!

     It was an AWESOME experience, and I had the best time of my life! Everybody should experience this at least once in your lifetime if you are any kind of sports fan. I hope to go next year in Chicago!!!

That was last year... And a post I made October... This is now...

Last year I went to the National Sports Collectors Convention and had an awesome time! This year, I'll be doing the same thing, except it'll be in Rosemont Chicago, and my parents grew up right near there. This year, only my mother will be taking me, since my dad is taking a whole 2 weeks off for Hawaii. Right after Chicago, I'll be going to Hawaii for 2 weeks with my whole family, which should be some fun... I've been trying to save up all my money, but last night was an exception for the Harper autograph. There was absolutely no way I could pass that deal up! I have some lego sets that I plan to sell, one that could get $700+, another that could get $750+, and another for $400, which is awesome considering I only payed a fraction of that price. I'm also trying to sell some cards to help pay for everything. This year I'll only be going 2 days, Thursday and Friday (I think... Friday for sure), but that should still be plenty of time to dig through cards, meet some people, and get some autographs! I'll also be going to a Yankees game on Saturday. Yes, the Yankees are in town that weekend, against the White Sox! How convenient? 

The main reason I'm making this post, is because I was wondering if any other bloggers were going. Please let me know if you are! 

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