Tuesday, March 3, 2015

First TTM Success Of The Season!

February 23rd - March 2nd

8 Days



About a week ago, I sent out over 35 TTM requests to a a bunch of different players, and just yesterday, I received my first envelope of the season! It was of Pirates prospect Brandon Cumpton! He's now 26 years old, and had a rough 2014, but hopefully he can rebound and have a good 2015! 

The first card that I saw was a 2014 Bowman paper base. To be honest, he doesn't have a very nice signature, it's a little sloppy, but it's cool that he includes his number.

The next card was a another 2014 Bowman paper card, but this time he personalized it to me! I sent him a letter asking him to personalize a few, and he did! 

The next card was a 2014 Bowman chrome, and again he personalized it to me! The white stuff on the card is just dust from old penny sleeves.

The last card that was in the envelope, was another Bowman chrome card, and was signed and personalized to me! Hopefully I'll be receiving some other envelopes in the mail in the next few weeks!

Thank you Mr. Cumpton! Thank you for reading!