Sunday, May 29, 2016

Gone But Not Forgotten

Visiting Some Of My Favorite Cards Of The Past!

I look at this card every time and think to myself, why in the world would I trade this... The truth is, I don't know. This was by far the coolest card I've ever pulled, let alone owned. If I ever came across this card again, I'd pay a pretty hefty price for it. Sadly, I contacted the person who I traded it to, and he said that it was safe with someone who collected Maddux... It makes me feel a little better I guess. This is by far the #1 card that I regret trading/selling.

I had this card for quite some time, until I thought it was time to pick up a cheaper Carlton autograph. It's a beautiful card, but I'd rather have something Yankee related.

I bought this card at the 2015 National, but about 6 months later I decided it was time to move it and put that money towards an autograph of the Yankee great.

I bought this Wright off my friend, but sold it quickly afterward.

This was part of the Wright deal, but just like the Wright I also sold it.

I had won a box of 2015 Bowman draft for $24 (I believe it was around that price), and pulled an autograph of the #1 overall draft pick! Not being into prospects, I quickly sold the card and put it towards something I'd appreciate more.

It's hard to believe I bought this card for $16, and is now closer to $100 than it is $16. This card is safe with Dodger Penguin though!

Another card that I sold because of my lack of liking prospects.

This Miguel Cabrera deca booklet /10 was definitely a cool card, but it was a hassle to store and it was only a couple relics.

I bought this card off of eBay, but traded it a few months later towards the Reggie Jackson 1/1 Dynasty that I still own. This was supposed to be a replacement for the Maddux I pulled, but it's hard to replace that card.

This is one of the main reasons I like Panini; because they come out with awesome cards like the Bradley that I owned. Topps on the other hand, does not.

I had this Jackson for over a year before I finally decided to sell it to make room for the 2014 Topps dynasty Jackson that I now own. Although I did love this card, I think I love the dynasty one better.

I bought this Kolek at a low price, graded it, then sold it! Woo!

I bought this at The National, graded it, and then for whatever reason I decided to sell it. Hm.

This card was numbered /10, but I wasn't really a fan of the design so I quickly sold the card to a Rivera super collector!

I was never really a fan of this card...

To be honest, I have absolutely no clue where this card went. All I know is that I either trade or sold it.

The design of this card was just flat out awful. Not to mention the grade.

If it weren't for the grade I would have kept the card. I'm still on the hunt for another Bo Jackson autograph.

If it weren't for the grade, I would have kept the card.

Same story with this card.

I bought this at The National, but sold it to help fund the Biggio 1/1 which I still have in my collection.

I traded this because the design was simply awful.

Here's a story I do not like to tell. I bought this at The National, and had absolutely no intentions of selling it. Ever. A month later, I found myself having to pay off quite a bit for the Biggio, so I sold this for $75 (I think it was that amount of paypal) and a Julio Urias refractor autograph and Tyler Kolek blue wave autograph /10, which was well over what I payed for the Williams. I had plans of selling the Urias and Kolek to help fund a cut of Mantle or DiMaggio, but the Urias and Kolek ended up getting lost in the mail... So I ended up selling the Williams for $75.

This card makes me much happier. I bought a box of 2015 Topps Finest at my local hobby shop, and I started to open it in the car. I pulled this card as a redemption, and for many months I tried to sell it. I was unsuccessful, so I ended up redeeming it after the shop owner told me it was live. I had planned to sell it when I got it, but it looked so good that I decided to send it to BGS for 2 days while I was at camp. While I was in the car back from Boy Scout camp on Friday, I got the email, which let me know it was a 10/10! It wasn't a black label, but I was more than happy with the 10/10! I sold it at The National in Chicago.

This is another one that I really regret trading, but I traded it to Dodger Penguin which makes it a little less painful.

No idea who this guy is, but the card was pretty. I ended up selling it at The National in 2015.

I traded this and cash towards a Bo Jackson sweet spot autograph, which I ended up selling due to the 6.5/10 it received.
I had absolutely no clue who this guy was, so I traded it for an Arenado platinum autograph!

I pulled this in the same box as the Bryant blue redemption, but ended up selling it at The National.

I pulled this on Christmas day in 2014, but sold it at The National the next year after grading it.

Don't get me started on this one...

Another card I ended up trading towards the Rivera leaf autograph which I sold because of the terrible design and scratched up BGS case.

I'm not really sure where this went, but I acquired it by trading the Maddux for this Buxton and some paypal...

Just another card that I regret selling on this long list... I traded this at The National for the Mattingly five star 9.5 that I still have, and a couple other cards.

Where did this go...?

As much as I regret trading this, I felt that I got an incredible deal. I got a Cespedes booklet /3 and some cash in return, which both helped pay for the Biggio dynasty that I still own.

It doesn't hurt as much as this one though. I acquired this from Dodger Penguin, and then traded it. Why? I don't know.

This one really hurts too.

I sold this card, which helped me pay for the Biggio dynasty.

I sold this after acquiring the five star Biggio.

I bought this at the White Plains show two years ago in November, but sold it a few months later after redoing my entire collection.

Same story with this card.

I pulled this out of a box of 2014 Topps finest, but traded it to help me acquire the Cain and Kemp 1/1's. I definitely regret trading this card...

I also bought this at the White Plains card show.

I probably paid a little much for this card, but at the time I thought it was a solid deal! Triple threads patches always look nice.

I pulled this from a case of 2014 Topps finest, but I traded it to Drew a while back.

Another card that I bought at the first White Plains card show I went to.

I won this and the Clemens card on box busters, but sold both as a lot.

I probably would have kept the Clemens if he was in a Yankees uniform.

I'm pretty sure I pulled this card in a case of 2012 Panini Prime Cuts, but all I know is I no longer have it!

I bought this card as redemption at the 2015 National, but later traded it for a Craig Biggio dynasty autograph which I no longer have.

I bought this at the 2015 National, but later sold it.

I pulled this from 2 packs of 2015 museum collection, and even though it's not the most expensive pull, it's still cool to pull something like that from a pair of packs of museum collection.

I pulled this in a box of five star, but just like all the other cards on this post, I sold it.

I used to collect Rose, but eventually sold everything that I had of him and focused solely on Nolan Arenado. This was probably the coolest card of Rose I owned, but it was leaf, not Topps.
Another one of my Rose autographs, except I pulled this one.

I'm not sure about this one.

I pulled this card from my first box of 2014 Panini immaculate baseball, which I actually traded for at a card shop. I pulled this as a redemption, and traded it for quite a bit. Since then, Abreu had really died down so I think I won that trade.

I pulled this from a box of 2014 Topps finest baseball

Pulled on Christmas in the year 2014.

I got this card in a trade for the Abreu I owned, but just like the Abreu, this was a redemption. I later traded it to Matthew for a few five star autographs.

I bought this card for $65 on eBay... Those were the days when Bryce Harper wasn't a superstar...

I pulled this card in a box of Five Star baseball that I won for less than $50.

2012 Panini prizm was one of the first boxes that I ever opened. I broke it back in 2013 in November, and was ecstatic when I pulled it as a redemption. I got the card in about a months time, and kept it for quite some time. I'm not sure why I decided to sell it, but I did.
Thank you for reading!