Wednesday, March 4, 2015

It Finally Arrived!

After waiting about a week, the item I want to get signed by Mariano Rivera finally arrived! I spent quite a bit of money for this, but it looks beautiful, and is actually used by Mariano Rivera! It came in a huge box, and weighed a ton, so I had to have my dad carry it in for me, which was after I got home from boy scouts (Yes, I had to wait 2 hours to open it, which was torture).

It came inside a huge box, that had fragile stickers all over it, and inside the box was this. It was from Steiner sports, so of course it was expensive, but it was well worth it!

Inside the envelope, was this. I saw that it was used between June 11th 2010 and June 20th 2010, and after doing some research, I found that Andy Pettitte started on June 11th, and Mariano Rivera got the save also, which is awesome! Rivera also closed the game on the 19th of June too! It was a randomly selected bullpen pitching rubber, so you didn't really know when It was from. 

The pitching rubber was wrapped in thick bubble rap, and had this piece of paper on the side. It said when it was used, and where. Now, here it is...

I didn't take it out of the bubble rap yet because dirt would get all over the kitchen table, so I left it in their. I guess the picture doesn't really show how cool it is, but it really is an awesome piece of Yankee Stadium to own, and when I get it signed by Mariano Rivera, I think it'll look outstanding! 

Here's another picture of the pitching rubber. I was wondering, how am I going to carry this around at the card show? A suitcase? Oh well, that's another problem left for another day. Tomorrow I'll probably take it out of the wrap, and take a few more pictures, but for now, I'll enjoy my snow day! 
Thank you for reading! 


  1. Wow, that's really cool! I'm glad you were able to pick up something like this. I imagine it cost quite a bit, but it is something you'll treasure for a long time. Also, it's awesome that you're a boy scout. Keep it up, that is a great thing to be doing in your free time!

    1. Thank you! I don't really enjoy boy scouts, but my parents keep saying it's going to help me so much in my future.

  2. So cool Frankie, good luck with Mo! Can't wait to read about it!