Thursday, March 26, 2015

1st and 3rd

The Yankees infield has been looking very good. At least to me. Mark Teixeira has been on a diet, and has been swinging the bat pretty well. Jose Pirela, who is suffering a concussion, has been spectacular, and has some pretty incredible speed too. In his first Major League at bat, Jose Pirela hit a triple, and in spring training, he was doing spectacular. Until he crashed into the wall in his first start in center field. Well... Stephen Drew... Didi Gregorius has been spectacular with his glove, and has been hitting very well considering his past few years. Mark Teixeira was raving about Didi today. Chase Headley has also been amazing in spring training, and so has Alex Rodriguez. I'm very surprised by how well A-Rod is doing in spring training, and I'm super excited to see Headley play 3rd this year! I think the Yankees have a good chance this year, and I'm really liking what I'm seeing from both the fielders and the pitchers!

A Chase Headley autograph from 2012 Tier One #ed /299!

A Mark Teixeira autograph from... #ed /1295!
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  1. Maybe this will be the year the majority of the team doesn't get overly banged up... *knock on wood*