Monday, March 9, 2015

First Yankees TTM Success!

Gosuke Katoh

February 23rd - March 9th 

14 Days


Everyday, right after I come home from school, I go to my mailbox and check If I got any envelopes back. Today I had PARCC testing, which none of you care about. Anyways, I came home from school and found a rather larger package, which was marked to me and I wasn't sure what that was, but I'll get to that later. I also found an envelope from Florida! I opened it up, and found that their were 6 cards of Gosuke Katoh! After having a fantastic 2013, Katoh struggled in 2014. 
The first card that was in the envelope was a 2014 Bowman base personalized and signed! This card came out beautifully, unlike the other 2 cards.

This card was the better of the 2 chromes, but still didn't come out as nice as the regular base. Still, it's an awesome card!

This card was the "worst" of the 3, and to be honest, Gosuke Katoh doesn't really have very neat handwriting... It's still a very awesome success, and I always love getting mail!
Thank you for reading!


  1. Cool! I was going to send to Katoh this spring, I guess I'll just wait until the season starts.

  2. Have you tried using a gum eraser or baby powder on your chromed/glossy cards? There are several videos on YouTube that will show you what to do. It'll prevent that bubbling.