Thursday, March 19, 2015

Another TTM Success From A Yankee

Didi Gregorius

February 23rd - March 19th 2015

24 Days


Today I got two envelopes in the mail, one from St. Petersburg Florida, and the other from Phoenix Arizona. I knew one of them was of a Yankee, and the other was probably of a Diamondbacks prospect. I'll get to the Yankees one first.

Didi Gregorius! I was super excited to get some cards back from Gregorius, especially since he's replacing Derek Jeter at shortstop. The scan didn't turn out so well, but the card looks awesome! Luckily, there are no smudges on the autograph!

At first, I thought that he spelled my name wrong, "Fkanlie," but then I realized that he spelled it right. Sir Didi Gregorius is an amazing defensive shortstop. He's not a bad hitter either, in fact, he has been hitting fairly well in spring training!
Thank you Sir Didi! Thank you for reading! 

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  1. Cool! I got Didi last year at some point, I'm looking forward to seeing him suit up in pinstripes, and would love to see him do well!