Thursday, March 26, 2015

Some More Yankees Prospects

I have absolutely no idea who Dietrich Enns is... Anyways, it's from 2013 Onyx platinum edition, and it's signed in silver and #ed /175.

Gary Sanchez has been the top catcher for the Yankees for a few years now. Like most of the young Yankees, he hasn't proven himself ready for the big leagues, as he hasn't hit very well in spring training. This card is from 2011 In The Game, and even though the autograph looks on card, it isn't! I got this card through a trade about a year ago.

This Gary Sanchez autograph is from 2014 Bowman Inception, and I love the design of Inception. It's a mid-end product with some decent hits, but the design is why you would really buy the product! 

Ian Clarkin is only 20 years old, and has already proven that he is an amazing pitcher, and that he could help the Yankees sometime in the next few years. This card is from 2013 Panini USA, and is #ed /99.
Never heard of this guy... It's a Yankee!

I bought this card off of ebay for about $10 a while back, and a few weeks later he got traded to the Diamondbacks... It's still a cool card, with a very cool inscription!
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