Saturday, March 28, 2015

Happy 95th Birthday Grandma!

Yesterday was both my sisters 26th birthday, and my grandmothers 95th birthday. I don't let anyone in my family read my blog, but I thought I would take the time to blog about this. My grandmother, Edna, is 95 years old, but she is as strong as a ox, can walk great, and can do almost everything! Not only can she do that, but she is an even more amazing person. She always watches movies with me, and she'll watch all the Yankees games with me, in fact, she loves watching the yankees games! She loves to shop, and could spend hours and hours looking, and buying random stuff. She is an absolutely amazing grandmother, and I'm blessed to have such a great grandmother. She's always positive, and never thinks negatively. 

Most of my posts include cards, so why not include some cards? 

I got this card for my birthday 2 years ago, when I started collecting cards. It's one of the many Derek Jeter rookie cards that I have in my collection!

Another Jeter rookie from 1992 Topps...

I bought this at a local card show that I go to every now and then. 

Don Mattingly is one of my favorite players, and also one of my favorite managers. I got this card in a Topps set that I bought at my local hobby shop.

Back in November when I had my surgery, one of my friends fathers put together some cards for me, along with

My uncle used to collect cards, and every time he comes down to my house, he'll give me some cards! I've had this card for over a year now, and it's one of my favorites! 
I forgot to post this yesterday, but today is my brothers engagement party... It'll be a busy week! 

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