Saturday, March 21, 2015

Reggie Jackson Personal Collection

Reggie Jackson is one of the main players that I collect. I started my collection of Jackson back in August, and I got most of these cards at the National Sports Collectors Convention. I currently have 4 autographed cards, 2 relic cards, 1 manufactured pin, 1 autographed bat personalized to me, and 1 autographed photo of Reggie and I.

First up is the manufactured pin. I think I bought this for $5 at the National which isn't too bad for a manufactured pin.

Next up is this Panini Century Collection relic card of Reggie Jackson. I got this is a trade that didn't end out too well... On my end.

I got this card for a steal on ebay last year (Wow, that seems like so long ago)!. I got this for around $8, and it's #ed /36! 

I also got this card at the National for an amazing price. It says Oakland on the bottom of the card, but I honestly don't know who could tell what uniform he's in! It's on card also!

I pulled this as a redemption out of a box of 2012 Panini Prizm that I got on black friday. I have to say, all the Prizm cards look terrible, like something out of a really video game, and the autograph is sticker, but hey, It's Reggie Jackson! 

This is one of my favorite cards that I have, and it's from 2000 Upper Deck Legends! A beautiful on card autograph of one of my favorite players! This is one of the cards that I got at the National for a fairly good price.

Probably my favorite Yankee card, this one is from 2014 Tier one. It's one of those acetate autographs, which is a case hit. An on card autograph signed in gold ink, and #ed /25! I payed a high price for this at the National, but the money was all well spent.
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  1. Beautiful start to the collection, especially the acetate! Jackson and I didn't have the best experience but he does have an extremely nice autograph and was a fantastic player in his time.