Saturday, March 7, 2015

2011 Triple Threads Bat Relics

Two of the cards that I acquired at the National sports collectors convention last year, were 2 relic cards from 2011 triple threads. The 2011 triple threads relic cards look amazing, especially the cards from the older players. One of the main things I collect are hall of fame relic cards, and when I'm able to get them at a great price, that's even better. 

The first card that I got was a bat relic of Cecil Cooper! Cecil Cooper is one of the better non hall of fame players, and had a career .298 average over a 17 year career. It's a beautiful card #ed /36 of a 5 time all star!

The next card I got was a bat relic of hall of famer Bobby Doerr! Doerr had a great career with the Red Sox, and was inducted into the Hall Of Fame in 1986. Bobby Doerr is still alive and healthy at the age of 96 which is amazing! I may have to send this to Doerr to get signed sometime soon!
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  1. That Doerr would be great with a signature across it...