Friday, March 13, 2015

An Awesome Package From Drew!

Two days ago, when I came home from school, I checked my mailbox, as always, and found a package from Drew! I sent a package to Drew a few weeks back with some Yankees cards, but Drew outdid me, and sent a bunch of awesome Yankees cards!

Drew sent a bunch of awesome A-Rod cards, including this SPX 3-D die cut card. I have a few of these, but not one of Alex.

He also sent this 2013 Bowman chrome card of Alex. He's been having a terrific spring training, and I'm starting to trust that he actually did do something in the offseason to improve. 

Another A-Rod, was this really cool stamp card from Upper Deck. One of my favorite cards of the lot!

Some more Alex Rodriguez... 

A really cool Diamond Kings card when Alex was with Texas.

And another one of my favorites, a really cool future impact card of A-Rod.

Drew also sent me some Reggie Jackson, who is one of my main PC players! 

I was actually just about to but this card on COMC... I guess I don't know!

A really cool Ruben Sierra card from Fleer when he was with the Yankees.

El Duque! An awesome card from Archives!

I probably have 8 of these cards now, but that's fine! A Jeter is a Jeter!

I don't have this card yet, and it's an awesome card to add to my collection!

2014 Gypsy Queen is the only year that I like, and it's always great to add a card of the Yankees all time hits leader from 2014 Gypsy Queen!

I'll be meeting Mariano Rivera tomorrow...!

The Yankee Stadium legacy set is one of my favorite, but I'll probably never be able to complete the full set...

Another legacy card.

I love this Damon card, since it has the date and and stats on it which is really cool!


A cool Babe Ruth card.

I love the postseason highlights cards, and I don't have this one yet! 

As far as I know, I don't think Ed Yarnall played in major leagues, and If he did, it must not have been for very long. An autograph is an autograph though!

Same with Yarnall.

Same with Duncan... It's still cool to have an autograph of an unknown Yankee!

I forgot to rotate this one... I have a few Giambi relics, but I love the design of this one, and it's not one of those super mini microscopic relics. Drew sent me a bunch of other cards, but due to my laziness, and lack of scanning skills, I can't scan all of them! To be exact, he sent me 94 Yankees cards! 
Thank you so much for the cards Drew, and happy Friday!


  1. Glad you liked them buddy, we'll get working on a possible other trade soon, sorry I haven't gotten back to you lately I just wrapped up midterm week! Have fun meeting Mo tomorrow, I unfortunately won't be there. If you have any questions, you know how to reach me!

    1. Thank you! Rivera is a bit expensive though...