Sunday, March 22, 2015

Baseball Cards, Baseball, And Pizza

I originally wanted to blog a little more today, but had to help somebody with their Eagle Scout project, and then I watched the Yankees and Mets game. For some reason, I really wanted pizza, so I ordered some pizza, and now I'm blogging. I wasn't really sure what to blog about, so I chose one team to blog about - The Atlanta Braves! 

The Braves didn't have the best season last year, but they have some great players. I'll start with one of the best, if not best, defensive players in the game.
Andrelton Simmons is an outstanding shortstop, and that's an understatement. Simmons won the Platinum glove in 2013, along with Manny Machado. I do believe, however, that Andrelton Simmons is a better defender than Machado, and Manny has made some pretty incredible plays. I was thinking about starting a mini side collection of Andrelton Simmons... I've decided...

Eric Young Jr isn't the best of players, but he plays the game the right way. He's not a flashy player that want's to let the world what he did, he's full of class, and if anything were to go wrong, he would be the one to fix it. By the way, the dust on the card is from the top loader.  

The Braves signed Markakis during the offseason, which to me, was pointless. The Braves won't be making the World Series anytime soon, let alone the playoffs, so what was the point of signing him? As long as he's not with the Orioles or the AL East, it's fine!

Freddie Freeman has been with the Braves 5 years now, and has been one thing: Consistent. Every year he's been as good as the year before, if not better! I pulled this card the Christmas of 2013 from a box of triple threads, and at the time I really didn't know who Freddie Freeman was...

I bought this card at the National for $20, and it's a beautiful card. The pink parallel is probably my favorite colored parallel from the 2014 Topps Tribute autograph set.

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