Thursday, March 19, 2015

My Second TTM Success Of The Day

Jake Barrett

February 23rd? - March 19th 2015

24 Days


Whenever I get mail, I feel like it's the best day ever, I don't know why. Theres something about walking home from school everyday, getting the mail, and checking to see if anything is addressed to you. Whenever I do get something, I immediately run inside, put down my backpack, and rip open to whatever I got! It doesn't matter what it is, who it's from, or how it's packaged, it's all awesome! My most recent TTM success is from D-Backs pitcher, Jake Barrett! I don't know when I sent this, or how many cards I sent him, but a success is a success, especially when you get 4 cards back! 

Jake sent back 4 Bowman cards, 3 of them being chrome. 

This one got a little smudged, but it's not too bad... I could really care less about some missing ink! 

Jake doesn't have the best of signatures, but it's better than some of the other signatures I've seen out there! Some extra ink seeped through the back of a few of the chromes, but like I said, I could care less. I barely even look at the back of the cards anyways! 

The one Bowman paper he sent back turned out great! It's a little smudged, but most of the cards that I get back are a little smudged.
Thank you Mr. Barrett! Thank you for reading!

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