Friday, October 31, 2014

New Routine-New Cards

Im going to follow this routine every day, or at least Ill try my best:

Every day I will post something about some memorabilia or cards in my collection, but am going away Sunday Morning to Florida, so I don't know If ill have any time then.

It will be a recap of a card show, card shop, or just any old new card pickup If that made any sense.

Thank You, and please check out my blog tomorrow for scans/pictures of my card collection.

Happy Halloween!!!

Check out this awesome card that I have coming very soon hopefully:
It's a redemption, which stinks, but It will be redeemed for this:

It's such a cool looking card of HOFer Tony Gwynn who passed away this year which is very sad at such a young(ish) age. When I get the actual card, Ill show any actual scan. I traded for this card, for some other cards I didn't like:

I'm receiving some other cards too, and will show them when I get them!
You would be surprised how much that Vin Scully is... He's just an announcer!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Im going to the White Plains Card Show!

          If you read the title, you all know I will be going to the White Plains card show over in New 
York! It will be a TON of fun (even though Ill be in a wheelchair) and I'll probably meet future (2015) Hall Of Famer John Smoltz which will be pretty awesome. It is from November 28th-30th, but I will only be going on the 30th. It is a 150 table show which will be fun, and a lot of stuff to look through! Even though you have to pay $59 to meet Smoltz, it will be WELL worth it. I'll get a jersey signed by him, and maybe a ball/photo if he's nice enough. I hope to have a good time, and meet a bunch of HOFers and stars, as well as current players. 

Happy Halloween Everybody

It's a pretty big show, but not like the National I went to in Cleveland this past year : )

I'm looking forward to a fun and good time!

My Surgery...

          I have to get surgery Mid November and it's going to be awful: No baseball for a year, Ill be in a wheelchair for 2 months (how fun) and braces for 3 months. Oh yeah, to top it off I also will have to do 3-6 months of physical therapy! I love to play Baseball and this is just devastating. I have to be in the hospital for 4 days, but after that I'm home free! I try to think of all the good things that will come out of it... To be honest, that's nearly impossible... Wish me luck, I hope everything goes alright, and I hope i'll be standing in no time.

P.S. I probably won't be able to blog at the hospital until I get back, SSSOOOO, I'll make everything up before:)

Why even bother anymore?

Its gonna be a ROUGH season

World Series Over!

          The Giants won the World Series 3-2 in 7 games. I watched the whole game and it was amazing. It was 2-2 in the the 4th until Mike Morse came through again with an RBI single to drive in the winning run. Madison Bumgarner came in in the 5th, and just dominated. Nobody will want to face this guy in the playoffs EVER again. No runs in 5 innings of relief. In the ninth with 2 outs Alex Gordon got to third on a single and an E8. I was screaming at the TV until Salvador Perez hit a soft pop up to Kung Fu Panda, then it was over!

This Amazing double play changed the whole entire game. Joe Panik saved the game with a glove flip. Joe Panik will be something great in the future.
Panda caught the last out, and I was afraid he would have gotten stepped on...

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


          Hi there, Ill be changing my blog topic over the off season. It will be about my Baseball cards, and Memorabilia that I have, and all my experiences meeting celebrities. So far, Im going to meet John Smoltz in November at the White Plains sports card show which should be a lot of fun. Ill be getting surgery soon so ill have PLENTY of time to do more sports related stuff.... well, besides play baseball...
          I will still follow up on off season trades, but for the most part it will be all about my like in the sports card hobby. My Blog name will probably also change.
          Giants are tied with the Royals at 2... oh gosh...
GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Game 7

The Royals Take The Giants To Game 7

     It wasn't even a close game, the Royals and Yordano Ventura just crushed the Giants. Theres not much to say about last nights game except wow.

          Game 7 is tonight at 8:07 PM on Fox, oh boy I get to here Joe Buck announce again... Make sure you watch it, because this is why Baseball is the best sport in the country, with one swing of the bat, the game is over. I have to go to Boy Scouts during the game, but I'm trying to convince my parents to pick me up early to watch Tim Hudson DOMINATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think the Giants can pull through with a win, with good and strong pitching, good defense, and EXPLOSIVE offense!
Tim Hudson will start game 7 at the age of 39

Will Mad Bum make a game 7 appearance?
I hope

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New Cards to show

I got this cool card in the mail today
Heres the front

Heres the back

     I really like this card, it's of some of the best pitchers in the MLB. All are CY Young Candidates, and one already has a CY Young award. Chris Sale has huge potential to be THE BEST pitcher in 2015, and so does Hyun Jin Ryu, who is a really funny guy. I should (I hope) be getting in a couple more cards fairly soon, and will post them when They come. 
    I actually just found this card, which I traded at the National Sports Collectors Convention, on ebay which is funny
This was one of the coolest cards I had, and still (sorta) regret trading it. The guy who I traded it to then put it on display for a price of $100 after I traded It, so somebody must have bought it hoping to make a little money. I guess he didn't!!!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Royals fall short

Giants Lead Series 3-2

     The Giants won game 5 of the World Series with the help of Madison Bumgarner, NLCS MVP. He just dominated the Royals, shutting them out. The Giants are only ONE GAME AWAY from taking the World Series! Jake Peavy will start for the Giants and will fire them up for game 6, and will have a very strong start. I'm sure of all of this! If not, and the Royals win game 6, well... Then they go to game 7! With Tim Hudson pitching in game 7, that will be just a LITTLE scary. That would only be his second world series start ever, and he's 39. The Giants will win either way, so I don't have too many worries. 


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Oscar Taveras Died today...

     Today, on October 26th 2014, Oscar Taveras was killed in a car accident while driving in the Dominican Republic. At only 22 years old, he was one of the best prospects in the Major Leagues, and had a very bright future ahead of him. His second to last hit was a pinch hit home run to tie the game in the 7th inning of game 2 of the NLCS. I didn't know a whole lot about him, but knew he was a future outfielder for the Cardinals, who hit 30+ home runs a year. His girlfriend was also killed in the car accident. I hope Oscar Taveras and his wife live a happier life, and there family is okay. Rest In Peace Oscar Taveras.
*His Young Career started with a home run in his first Major League at bat*

*Then, he tied game 2 of the NLCS with a clutch pinch hit home run*

*Today, Oscar Taveras Passed away today at the young age of 22*
*RIP Oscar Taveras*

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The next time you watch the World Series...

The Marlins Fan!

     The next time you watch the World Series, look out for ONE Marlins fan behind home plate at the World Series. You will see him on the left side of home plate about 2 rows back. I remember seeing him in Kansas City, thinking what the heck are you doing here so I decided to read up a little about him.
     He was been to 26 Super Bowls, and over 80 World Series games!!! He says he just loves the game of baseball, and wheres his Marlins shirt because ever since going to a heat game with it, and they won, he has always worn it and considers it good luck. He has 6 of them. The Marlins fan also gave up his seat right behind home plate for the Navy singer who sang God Bless America.
     This person seems very thankful for all he has, and when he gets a chance to do something nice, he takes advantage of the opportunity. I saw him at almost EVERY World Series game this season. Next time you watch the World Series look out for him!!! he's right here***

Nothing beats this though. This was at the AL wildcard game after Eric Hosmer hit the triple

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Lions

The Lions #11 Left Field

     I love to play baseball, and am on the Lions. I am #11 and play left field. I started out the season terrible, striking out, grounding out, and didn't do anything very well. I started to adjust towards the end of the season, making better plays in the outfield and getting better at bats. Knowing I won't play for at least 7 months, I realized, I should have fun, and not worry about getting up in big situations. We won tonight on a walk off single by our third baseman/pitcher in the 7th inning. 

     I started off the night with a base hit (I think) to the pitcher. I honestly don't even know what happened, all I know is that I got on base without making an out and that's all that matters. My second at bat of the night, I hit a hard line drive to the left fielder which WOULD have been a double, but the left fielder was playing right on the line. My third at bat, I walked and than scored. My fourth at bat was probably the most important. I lead off the bottom of the seventh, down by 3 runs, I walked on 5 pitches, Then I stole second. Our catcher walked to put runners on first and second (with me on second) and our second baseman/center fielder hit a ground ball to third and I didn't realize it was a force and (THANK GOD) I was safe at third otherwise my coach would have killed me. If it weren't for my speed, I would not have made it. I'm probably the fastest on my team, and That's what gets me most of my base hits and steals. It puts pressure on the fielders and almost every time, I know i'm going to be safe because of my speed. I have a double header tomorrow!

The 2014 National Sports Collectors Convention

My Experience At The 2014 National Sports Collectors Convention

     I had one of THE BEST times at the 2014 Nationals Sports Collectors Convention. It only happens once a year at the end of July, beginning of August. I wanted to go when I first found out about it in March or April. I did go, and went 3 out of 5 days. 

     DAY ONE: We drove all the way down to Cleveland Ohio, but had to stop at a hotel for one night. When I walked in the convention center, I remember thinking,  Oh my gosh, this place is HUGE! I didn't even know where I should walk. I didn't meet any celebrities, but I did buy memorabilia, cards, and a bunch of other stuff. I spent about 6 FULL hours there and didn't get bored at all because there was a HUGE amount of stuff to look at and buy.

     DAY TWO: I couldn't wait to get there the second day, because I was going to get my picture taken with Reggie Jackson. I spent a couple hours walking around, then I went to the autograph pavilion to meet Mr.October. First I got my picture taken with him and he was messing around with me and was a really nice and funny guy. They got the picture printed out and then I was in line to get an autograph from Reggie. I handed him a bat to sign and also asked him to inscribe it "To Frankie" on the bat and he did! I then asked him to sign the photo of him and I, he did and inscribed it "Mom, watch out for the hair" because he was messing around with my hair, and told my mom I wasn't a girl... My mom tried to brush my hair.... I also met Al Oliver who played for the Pirated a while back, and autographed a ball and inscribed it also which was really nice of him. I looked around some more, then It started to close down so we had to leave...

Don't let this trick you... It's MUCH bigger!!!

     DAY THREE: The last day at the convention, and for everybody else, I got to meet Joe Torre! I did the usual, go look around, than I had my picture taken with Joe Torre. He was nice, but he didn't really smile. Than I went to the autograph pavilion and he signed a jersey, the photo, and a ball and inscribed it "Happy birthday 8/11" because It was my birthday a week and a half later. Then, I had a free ticket to meet and have my picture taken with Gary Bell, a pitcher for the Indians in the 60's. I had my picture taken with him, then he signed the photo, a ball, and a picture he had taken with my mom because she got a free autograph ticket from some random guy.
This was back in 2009. It's just an example of how big the convention really is. It also has a nice little ferris wheel in the middle!

     It was an AWESOME experience, and I had the best time of my life! Everybody should experience this at least once in your lifetime if you are any kind of sports fan. I hope to go next year in Chicago!!!

My Baseball Life

Over The Past Year, Baseball Has Taken Over Everything That I Did Before.
      My whole life is baseball, going to games, collecting baseball cards, collecting memorabilia, and meeting celebrities. I'm going to write another blog post on all the celebrities I met at the 2014 National Sports Collectors Convention, which by the way was awesome!
      I love to collect baseball cards. I've been doing it for about 3 years now, and still love it. I know, some people think it's lame or stupid, but I've actually gotten a couple of my friends interested in it. Only last year I started to get REALLY interested in the whole collecting thing. I trade and buy cards, and rarely, I will sell a card. I will keep this blog updated with the different card I pick up. Here's my most recent pickup, and I absolutely love it. I traded some other of my cards that didn't mean a whole lot to me so here it is:
Clayton Kershaw 2012 Five Star silver signatures autograph

Since the 1990s and earlier, Sports cards have changed A LOT. Now, they insert game used material, autographs, and numbered cards. That's what I focus one: Collecting autographs of Hall Of Famers, stars, and my favorite players. I RECOMMEND TRYING COLLECTING CARDS AT LEAST ONCE! 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Royals offense shows up

     With the help of Billy Butler, Eric Hosmer, and Omar Infante, the Royals got the win, 7-2. The series is tied up now and of course, the one day I don't have a ton of homework, theres no game on... Im super excited for tomorrows game, after I play MY game at 6:30. I think after both wins/loses, both teams know what they are up against and know what team they are playing. The best part is, when the Giants go home, they have a pitcher that can hit! And when I mean hit, I mean hit! He almost had the same batting average at Derek Jeter and hit 4 home runs and batted a solid
.258 with a grand slam! There you go, Giants win the World Series, see you next year Royals!!!

GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

go royals.... woo

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Giants take game one of the World Series

     The Giants won game one of the World Series! They got the lead quick in the first inning when Pablo Sandoval doubled to drive in a run, then Buster Posey got thrown out a home... Never send Buster Posey home on a close play... Then With Sandoval on second Hunter Pence hit a two run home run to right center to give the Giants a 3-0 lead in the top of the first! Thats all the Giants needed because Madison Bumgarner was pitching and he did fantastic as always!

     The Giants ended up winning 7-1... The only run for the Royals was a Salvador Perez solo home run... If the Royals want to win the World Series, they need some offense. GO GIANTS!!!!!!!
This may be a sign of what Pence will do in the series!!! 
GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2014

The 2014 World Series

     The World Series will start tommorow at 8:07 PM! I've been waiting for this since Thursday, and now, it's only ONE DAY AWAY!!! This could be either a very good, or very bad World Series. It's either the Giants crush the Royals, or the Giants have trouble with the Royals and go to game 7. I think of the Giants as the better team when it comes to playoff baseball. The Giants will win, the Royals will have a better shot next year! See you next year Royals!

Pinch hit home run to tie the game in the 8th... Can't get much better!

Oh wait.... yes it can! Travis Ishikawa walk off 3 run home run to send the Giants to the World Series!

This is how I want it to end. For the Giants! 
GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Royals are going to the world series!

      For the first time in 29 years, the Royals went to the postseason. For the first time since 1985, the Royals are going to the World Series. The Royals are having an outstanding year, and have won 8 straight postseason games, and that's the first time in MLB history that a manager, in his first postseason run, have won 8 straight in the postseason. The magic may run out if the Giants make it, who are one of the best teams in the playoffs. It can't last forever! GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mike Moustakes and Eric Hosmer are celebrating after Moose makes the final out.

Ichiro back in Seattle?

     This past weekend Ichiro Suzuki was back in Seattle. Ichiro played with Seattle since 2001, and did an amazing job all around. In 2012 he was traded to the New York Yankees. After two full seasons with the Yankees, Ichiro will probably be leaving to go back to the Seattle Mariners for one final season hoping to get 3,000 hits in the major leagues. He was one of the main reasons the Yankees actually made it to the ALCS in 2012.
I could watch this a million times. I think it was a day game on saturday, and I remember watching it being stunned.

I mean just look at Ichiro! He can do EVERYTHING!!! Unless the Yankees make him a giant deal, you'll see Ichiro Suzuki in Seattle playing everyday. He loved Seattle, more than any city. Heres a picture of Ichiro in Seattle:
To me, he is a first ballot Hall Of Famer with 4,000 hits in Japan and almost 3,000 hits in the major leagues. Plus, he has NINJA SKILLS!!! That's gotta get you into the HOF right?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

2015 Miami Marlins

     One of the best leadoff hitters, Christian Yelich batted .284 in 2014, and had 6 triples. He will never be as good as Nolan Arenado, but will still be a great overall player. My guess is the Marlins will hold onto him, along with Giancarlo Stanton, and Marcell Ozuna. There ages are also a big part of it:

Yelich: 22 years old (turing 23 in December)
Stanton: 24 years old
Ozuna 23 years old
Christian Yelich

Marcell Ozuna

Giancarlo Stanton

     The best part is, there all good players. That outfield will be getting A LOT of attention in 2015. Not only the outfield, but the whole team will be just as good as the 2014 Angles.

Nolan Arenado

     Nolan Arenado won't be a free agent until 2020. In his two year career he has a .277 average, which is pretty good at only 23 years old. He will only get better, and better, and better. His defense at third base is SPECTACULAR!!!

      I went to a rockies game back in August (they were playing the Marlins) and Nolan Arenado went 4-4 and made an awesome play at third base. The Marlins still crushed the Rockies...

     Nolan Arenado will be BETTER than Mike Trout (YES) in a couple of years, just wait! They are the same age, but Mike Trout came up to the big leagues a little earlier than Arenado. wait until next season (or the next year) and Arenado will be a .300 plus hitter with 20 home runs and 50 doubles.

I forgot to mention that he also had a 28 game hitting streak, the longest in the franchise. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Im pretty sure the Royals are winning the World Series

The Magic Team Of 2014

     The Royals are on an AMAZING run (haha get it) and they have now won six straight postseason games, and haven't lost one. yeah, that's pretty amazing considering they haven't been in the playoffs since 1985. They have so much since the wildcard game, it's hard to say that they could actually lose a playoff game. Even though I want the Giants to win, I think the Royals have a better shot. MAYBE.

I remember I was at a game in Baltimore at Camden Yards on my Birthday, and it was tied until (the third inning?) I don't know. In the fifth inning or so, Chris Davis came up to pinch hit, and was batting around .190 at the time, but had 20 something home runs, and only 60 hits. Almost %30 of his hits were home runs! First pinch hit at bat: home run...

I love and hate Manny Machado at the same time. Needs to have a conversation with Yasiel Puig.

     The Orioles are done, down 2-0. I'm not saying they don't have a chance, but they (in my opinion) will lose to the Royals in 6. Just because the Royals can't win everything. GO GIANTS!!!!

Nolan Arenado=Best Player!!!

If he were on the Angles, he would be BETTER (yes) than Mike Trout. I'm %100 sure of that. Maybe not the power, but everything else, Yes! 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Who said the Royals can't hit home runs?

Power And Speed
     The Royals were last in home runs, and first in steals in the American league during the regular season. Tonight the Royals have hit 3 home runs! They haven't stolen any bases (Dyson tried 2nd) but the Royals have hit the long ball which they haven't been able to do ALL season, besides the postseason. The Royals have it ALL!!! This is why I think the Royals have the better shot at the World Series than the Orioles. 
Jarrod Dyson over sliding second

     The Royals are ONE OUT away from taking game 1 of the ALCS!!! Let's go Royals!!!

Speed vs Power

  Speed Is Better

     The Royals and Orioles play at 8 tonight!!! These teams are VERY different for their own reasons, but which team has the advantage? 
     To me, speed takes a big part of the Royals success, so if they don't try and steal bases, than they should just give up. Get a base hit, steal second, then a base hit will score a run, and if the Royals do that EVERY time, even if they get thrown out, they will score a lot of runs.

     The Orioles game is home runs and that's it. Almost %50 of there runs are from home runs. I know, power is very important, but what happens when someone hits a ball in the left field gap? It could be a triple if Lorenzo Cain is running. Have fun Orioles.

I want the Royals to win... GO ROYALS!!!