Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Few Eric Jagielo Autographs

I used to love collecting autographs of prospects, especially Yankees prospects. Since then I've gone away from that category, and moved into old timers and Hall Of Famers. I still kept my prospect autographs, so why not show them off while it's still spring training?

I bought this card of Eric Jagielo last year, at a card show about 30 minutes away from me. I remember being so amazed how big it was (about 50 tables), but then when I went to the National Sports Collectors Convention, my mind was completely blown, and it made that show seem so small.

Eric Jagielo has put up some pretty good seasons while in the Yankees organization, but nothing overly spectacular. 2014 Bowman Inception looks absolutely amazing, and I love the design! 

Another $5 autograph of Jagielo that I bought at the National.

I also bought this card at the National Sports Collectors Convention, but had to pay a little bit more. This card is #ed /10, and is from Leaf Metal Draft. Even with the lack of logos, $7 (I think that's what I payed for it, maybe $10) isn't bad for a card #ed /10, and of a Yankees prospect!
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