Monday, March 30, 2015

The Walking Dead Season Finale


Almost the whole day yesterday, I was watching The Walking Dead, with the exception of a painting class I took with my whole family for my grandmothers 95th birthday. Anyways, the season finale of The Walking Dead, was probably the best episode of any season. There were so many things happening at once, it was so hard to pay attention to everything. First off, Nicholas shoots Glenn, and they get into this huge fight. I thought Glenn was going die at first. But he didn't. Aaron and Daryl find a place, with trucks full of (Zombies), not what they think it'll be! They get trapped in a car, and Daryl says he's going to get out of the car and give Aaron a chance to run away. They decide that they're both going to go, but right as they're going to get out, Morgan comes and saves them both. Gabriel is one of the most confusing characters, I honestly have no idea what kind of guy he is. I can't tell if he's religious, or not, and whether he want's to kill himself or not. Sasha has become the same way. In the end, Pete kills Reg, and I think that Diana is going to trust Rick more, and Rick will take over the leadership role. Morgan walks in just as Rick shoots Pete...

What are your thoughts on The Walking Dead? Also, the companion series of The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, is coming out in the Summer!
It's awesome to watch an episode with my sister. I didn't have to keep my thoughts to myself! Thank you for reading!

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  1. Excellent finale, perhaps my favorite finale yet. I thought the best episode this season was the season premiere with Carol blowing up Terminus. I still can't get over how epic that was. Can't wait for Season 6!