Friday, March 6, 2015

Another TTM success

Chase Anderson


February 23rd - March 6th 

12 Days

Yesterday, I didn't have school and it was snowing pretty hard, so I didn't expect the mail man to come. Well, I was wrong, and when I came home from school today, my mom said I got mail! This time it was from Arizona, so it couldn't be from the Yankees. It was Chase Anderson of the Diamondbacks! Chase Anderson is 27 years old, and has pitched 1 year with the D-backs. 

Chase sent back 4 2014 Bowman cards, 3 chrome, and 1 base. He didn't personalize the base, which is great, because I always like to have 1 card that's not personalized. This card came out great! 
The 3 chrome cards that he sent back were all a little streaky, but I expected that from the chrome. nonetheless it still turned out great!

All the dust and scratches are either from my scanner, or the penny sleeves. 

All in all, the cards turned out great, and it was a great success from an up and coming pitcher!
Thank you Mr. Anderson! Thank you for reading!