Monday, January 19, 2015

2015 White Plains Card Show - Part 1

After a week of tests, it feels great sit down and watch the MLB Network while opening a box of 1993 Donruss. I had a great time at the White Plains show! I was extremely tired by the end of the day with all the walking I did, which was also great therapy for me! Nonetheless, I had an awesome time, and I got to meet Frank Thomas and Sid Fernandez which was really cool, but I'll get to that in my second post. Now, just enjoy the cards!

My first stop was, of course, vintage, as It always is at any card show I go to. I love the World Series cards, or the dual player cards because of the statistics on the back of the card. I also really like the ERA leaders, or Home run leaders, cards, but I didn't see as many of those so I had to manage for one. Here they are:

First off, a 1967 game 7 World Series card. It shows all the players on the back with the number of hits and at bats and all of that. It's a pretty cool card!

This Fence Busters card of Willie Mays and Willie McCovey! Obviously, a card of two legends is always great to have!

I collect team cards of the Yankees, any year, so It's always nice to have a 1966 card!

Whoops, I got the same card........

This is probably my favorite card out of the lot, and features some of the greatest pitchers to ever pitch. Sandy Koufax, Juan Marichal, Gaylord Perry, and Bob Gibson. Four Hall Of Famers on one card? I think I'll take it!

These next cards all came from one dealer who had really good prices, and I'm very disappointed that I didn't get more from him. Anyways, I got this Shelby Miller museum collection autograph for a very good price. If you want to know the prices of the cards, just look at the label, I'm too lazy to put the cards into new top loaders...

He also had a bunch of Robinson Cano cards all for, yes, $5. Quad relic from museum collection with four pinstripes. I didn't even have to think about it! 

This one was also a no brainer. A dual relic with two pinstripes and a ticket stub. You can't beat the price!
Yep, another Cano card! This one is my "least" favorite, from 2012 triple threads! Another awesome deal!

The last two cards were also a steal. Michael Young, a potential future Hall Of Famer, for $5? I'll take that any day! Plus, It's a really nice looking card from UD Sweet Spot!

Carl Crawford is not a Hall Of Famer, but he does play for the Dodgers who are my second favorite team.

When I went to the White Plains show in November, I bought all my cards from one dealer. He sold most of his cards this time, but two high tek cards caught my eye. First, is an Orlando Hernandez autograph. He wasn't a great pitcher, but he was always consistent, and he pitched a huge game in the 2001 World Series, allowing only one run. The bullpen blew it that game. Down two runs in the bottom of the ninth inning, Byung-Hyun-Kim was still pitching. Derek Jeter was leading off, and tried to bunt his way on base, but was out. Next up was Paul O'Neil. He seemed to get a meaningless single, but when the Yankees got on base, you knew that, most likely, they would find a way to score. It wasn't Bernie Williams, who made the next out, It was Tino Martinez who hit the game tying two run home run. The game ended with a Derek Jeter walk off home run.

If I see an O'Neil autograph, I can't resist. He was a huge part of that Yankees Dynasty where they won four World Series titles. If it weren't for Paul O'Neils single in game 4 of the 2001 World Series, maybe Tino Martinez would have never hit that two run home run...?

I don't want to talk about these next nine cards from National Treasures. Guess what they came from? A box. I should have just walked by it and saved my money. I did get nine cards instead of eight, so I guess that's a plus. Anyways, here are the cards:

Of course I get David Ortiz. I always manage to get some Red Sox cards.

He plays for the Cubs now, so it's not too rough, but still, it's Jon Lester. 

Another one of these Colossal cards, but this time it's of Adam Jones. Not a bad player, but for a high end product, you would expect a little more.

This is a really cool card of Bob Feller. It could've been Ty Cobb, but I can't complain too much. It's the risk you take! 

I don't pay a lot of attention to prospects, but I do know who Addison Russell is. He got traded from the A's to the Cubs, and from what I hear, he's a pretty good player!

I have absolutely no idea who this is...

Another player I'm not too familiar with, but the patch is still pretty cool. 

This is a really cool card of Hall Of Famer Mike Schmidt! It's numbered out of 10, and it's also like those Sweet Spot cards. It's always nice to get a card of a Hall Of Famer! Now onto my favorite card.

Gary Carter cut signature booklet! Again, not what I was expecting for such a high end product, but I still got some nice cards. Carter is also in the Hall Of Fame. It's unfortunate his life ended so early. Carter was a legend.

I'll make another post about all the other stuff I did. Hopefully you all enjoyed reading!
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    JayBee Anama

  2. Sounds like a great show. I hope to get to one of these some day, it sure has been a long time since we had any card shows in the Hudson Valley. You can't beat those prices, nice pickups.

    1. You talking about those old Holiday Inn shows in Fishkill? They were the best haha!

  3. Is the Romero for trade?

  4. Great stuff Frankie, and I don't think you made out too bad in the box pulling Schmidt and Carter autos, it could've been worse. I look forward to hopefully meeting you Sunday!

  5. Thank you! I think I'll stick to singles for the future, but a box now and then is always nice. It's going to be a long, but fun, day on Sunday!