Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Full Memorabilia Showcase

After 4 months of blogging (it seems like a lot longer) I finally took the time to take pictures of everything that I have. I originally was just going to take pictures of my Jeter, Rivera, Posada, and Rivera baseballs, but got a little carried away. Here's everything!

The first signed baseball I got was of Derek Jeter! I got this around 5 years ago and still have it! I wasn't even really into baseball like I am now, but for some reason I wanted a Jeter baseball. Either way, It's an awesome ball! It's also authenticated by Steiner.

The second ball that landed in my collection is a Mariano Rivera signed baseball with his final season logo on the ball! I got this in 2013 right after Mo retired. This ball is also authenticated by Steiner.

A Jorge Posada signed baseball! I got this one for this Christmas and love it. This ball is, again, authenticated by Steiner.

This is the "mistake" ball that I made a post about yesterday. Well, it's another Posada baseball!

The final ball that I needed for the Core Four was Andy Pettitte. I also got this one for Christmas. Yes, it is certified by Steiner. This is how I would rank their signatures by how good they are: Rivera, Pettitte, Jeter, Posada.

This is one of my favorite baseballs that I have. It's signed by Joe Torre, and he inscribed it, "Happy Birthday 8/11," which is awesome! It's also signed on a Hall Of Fame baseball. The baseball is also JSA certified.

Another player that I met was Al Oliver. He signed this baseball and inscribed it, "1982 NL Batting Champ," which is really cool! This ball is JSA certified. 

It's a very long story how I got this ball. I went to this collectors house (he had a really nice house) and it was full of cards, memorabilia, and a lot more. He had millions of cards, and dozens and dozens of signed baseballs. He saw that he had two David Cone baseballs so he gave me one! It's not authenticated or anything, but nonetheless it's a really cool ball!

I got this at the White Plains show that I went to in November. I'm not too familiar with Bob Turley, but it's still a pretty cool baseball.

I got these at the MAB Pinstripe Pandemonium show. They are also all JSA certified. 

And this one.

This one too.

This is one of my favorite signed baseballs that I have. I think I'm going to send the picture that I had taken with Don Larsen out to him so he can sign it. It is JSA certified. 

John Smoltz was a really nice guy, and the baseball he signed for me turned out great! 

I think this is a 2012 Trenton Thunder team signed ball. I know their's Vidal Nuno (yuck), J.R. Murphy, and Dellin Betances on the ball. I picked it up for only $20! 

When I met Joe Torre, he signed a baseball, this jersey, and the photo I had with him. Now, this jersey is hanging up in my room, and it looks fantastic! It's also certified by JSA.

The picture is terrible, and it was hard to take since the bat was so high. It's right above my jersey, and is signed by Reggie Jackson! He personalized it to me even though I didn't have an inscription, and was super nice! The bat is certified by JSA.

I got this at the 2014 National Sports Collectors Convention in Cleveland Ohio for only $40! It looks amazing! 

I got this Yogi Berra photo a couple years ago, and when I got this, I was the happiest person! I got it for Christmas, but only hung it up a couple months ago. It's certified by Steiner.

I bought this off of ebay for around $20 (not framed) and it looks great! I needed to have something of Aaron Boone, so why not a simple 8x10?

I met Shawn Kelley, but sadly (maybe not sadly) he's on the Padres now. 

I traded a couple of cards for this, but it's not certified, so I'm not too sure whether it's authentic or not. I hope it is, but I'll see when I take it to JSA!

Game used batting gloves by Amaurys Minier! These are really cool, even though I'm not too sure of the player. All I know is that he's in the Twins organization.

Certificate of authenticity for the gloves.

A Frank Thomas signed bat! I met Frank Thomas at the White Plains show, but he was going way to fast to even talk to. All he said to me was, "My sons name is Frankie." It's a really nice looking bat! I just need to get it hung up now!

I got this signed photo of Jim Leyritz for $5 at the White Plains show in November. It's not authenticated, but the autograph looks pretty real to me. For $5, it's not worth getting authenticated.

An Ed Kranepool signed photo! It's also inscribed, "69 champs." For $5, I couldn't turn this down!

I got this at the National Sports Collectors Convention for $10! It's also inscribed, but not authenticated.

I got this at a card shop a little over a year ago, and just found it again today! It's a newspaper article from when the Yankees won the world series in 1998! I always like seeing Paul O'Neil at the top of the pile. He sort of flipped over when he got to the top and landed on his back.

Here's the Tino Martinez jersey again! Tino Martinez was so nice, and when a player in nice when you get the item signed, I feel like it makes the item more special. The jersey looks great!

Here's the jersey that Frank Thomas signed for me. He inscribed it "To Frankie" and "Hof 2014." I actually asked him to inscribe it "Big Hurt," but that's okay. I actually think I like HOF 2014 better!

Here's a closeup of the #35. It looks great, and I can't wait to get it framed!

Wade Boggs signed this bat for me and inscribed it, "Hof 05," even though I didn't ask him to which is awesome! 

Here's another signed photo that I made a trade for. This time it's of Hall Of Famer Willie Mays! I've always wanted something of Mays in my collection, and this photo looks great! It's just not authenticated.
I just got this photo this past Sunday and is looks fantastic! Since the photo is sideways, it doesn't look as good, but in person, it looks absolutely amazing! With one swing of the bat, Chris Chambliss put himself into Yankees lore. 

John Smoltz also signed this photo for me which turned out great (I think everything turns out great for me)! It's a little smudged, but it's still really cool! It's authenticated by JSA. This next bat is my favorite though.

I saw this on ebay for a great price, and there was no way I could turn down a game used bat by my favorite player. It was game used in the 2007 Arizona Fall League, but it's still an awesome bat! It also has a small crack. It's signed by Brett Gardner and inscribed "AFL 2007."This is without a doubt my favorite item that I have in my collection! 

Here's another picture.

Here's a closeup of the barrel. The bat looks fantastic, and it's such a cool piece of memorabilia to have. I'm just waiting to hang it on my wall!

That's all the memorabilia I have, hopefully I will be adding more in the many years to come! This was a nice little project to do on my snow day since I'm not able to go out in the snow.

Thank you for reading!


  1. Great stuff! You have a really nice collection. Many of your non authenticate autos look spot on to me.

    1. Thank you! I'm not too sure about the Reggie Jackson autograph. That's the only one that I'm skeptical about.

  2. Your Brooks Robinson auto looks legit. Make sure you keep your autographs out of direct sunlight, but I'm sure you know that already. You have an amazing collection. Keep it up! Drew has told me a lot about you!

    1. Thank you! Trust me, I keep everything in my closet, the darkest place in my room. The Torre jersey should be okay, but it is in partial sunlight. The case for the jersey probably costs more than the actual jersey, so It better work well!

  3. Amazing stuff! Love that Gardner bat, so unique!

    1. Thank you! It's always nice to have a game used bat of your favorite player!

  4. Great haul sir...
    Pertaining to the Hanley card, what are you thinking? I was planning to put it in my
    contest that I am running (which u havent joined ha ha) as I already found the Hanley
    I really want for my collection.

    1. Thank you! the only reason why I can't join the contest is because I don't have Twitter, Facebook, or any form of social media. I wish I could though!

  5. Very impressive collection. I'm extremely jealous of your Tino jersey!

    1. Thank you! TIno was super nice, and I had a great experience with him!