Monday, January 12, 2015

I'm Starting A Project

Not a school project. I'm going to the White Plains card show coming up and I'm going to meet 8 different players. Frank Thomas, Gaylord Perry, Sid Fernandez, Bud Harrelson, Jerry Koosman, Mark Whiten, Tino Martinez, and Steve Carlton. I'm going to get a Jersey signed by Frank Thomas, Sid Fernandez, Tino Martinez, and Steve Carlton, the other players are baseballs and photos. I have absolutely no idea where I'm going to hang them up because my room is already full, and I have no wall space. Maybe in my basement... 

Anyways, the project that I'll be starting might (will) take a while. I bought a Lou Gherig jersey off of (of course) ebay to get signed by all the great Yankee players that I meet. I don't know how many signatures I will have on it by the time I'm done, but I don't want it to look messy and crowded. It is large jersey, so hopefully I'll be able to fit 30+ Signatures on it, but the more the merrier! I never thought of that idea, until I first started blogging. The first blog I saw when I was on here was Drew's blog over at Drewscards, and after looking through a bunch of his posts, I saw that he got a photo of Mickey Mantle and got it signed by some Yankees players. I thought, wow, that's an awesome Idea! Why don't I do something like that? Yep, that wasn't something I could jump right into. After "some" time of looking on ebay, I finally had this awesome idea at about 1 AM in the morning. I searched ebay for a Babe Ruth jersey, but didn't find any that I liked, and besides, he wasn't the nicest person. I looked for a Lou Gherig jersey, and I found a really cool old-school (Like the Rhyme?) jersey. 

Hopefully  I will be able to fit a decent amount of signatures on both the right and left side of the four. I did order a large, so I think I'll be able to get a good amount. I think it will turn out fantastic by the time I'm done with it! My only problem is to limit who I should put on, and limit the amount of players I put on otherwise It will get too crowded and not look as good. I'm still deciding whether I should allow some to sign right below the four...

Here are the other Jerseys that I got for the players to sign:

Steve Carlton

Sid Fernandez (front)

Sid Fernandez (back)

Tino Martinez (front)

Tino Martinez (back)

Frank Thomas 

As you can see, I'm a huge fan of signed jerseys, and I think they look fantastic. The problem is... They take up a lot of room. I plan on Frank Thomas inscribing it "To Frankie" and "Big Hurt." 

Thank you for reading, and sorry for not blogging as much!


  1. Hey Frankie, who won your contest?

    1. It's not over yet and I want some more people to join, as not many have joined. If you could get more to join that would be great!

    2. I' ve pimped for ya already. :)