Friday, January 23, 2015

Top 5 MLB Players To Ever Play The Game - #5

This is all %100 opinion. Here they are! 

#5-Barry Bonds

The home run king has to be on my list. You can say all the bad things you want about him, but with the most home runs, of course he's one of the best. Bonds holds the record for most home runs, walks, and of course, intentional walks. He was sort of like Thome, with the intimidating stare. In his early days, he hit around 25-30 home runs a season, but as he got into his Giants days, he had more power, hitting a league leading 46 home runs in his first year on the Giants. It wasn't his power that got him 762 home runs, it was his consistency. He was consistent every year, and Bonds never missed a beat. He also never missed a mistake. Not only was he all of that, he had insanely good hand and eye coordination. Steroids don't magically make you hit 73 home runs in a season, or give you the ability to even hit a baseball. Even that takes a lot of skill, and Bonds had all of the skill a player would need. The only reason he's only #5, is because of steroids. Barry Bonds was one of the most intimidating, scariest, and best players. Bonds would give pitchers nightmares even thinking about him.

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