Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Any Way You Want It - In The Hospital

It's amazing it's been 2 months since I has my surgery, it all went so quick! The worst part was waiting for it, I was very stressed out about it. I wasn't scared or nervous, but I was nervous if that makes any sense. I knew everything would go fine so I wasn't  nervous, but at the same time I was. After I woke up was awful, but after that I was in barely any pain. The only pain I got was from listening to the other kids in the hospital crying, that was horrible. I ate nothing the first day except jello, and I only got a couple hours of sleep. Why? The little boy in the room next to me wouldn't take his medicine because it was Orange. That wasn't the worst part. He had to take it every few hours!

 The next morning when I woke up they put colors on my two casts, orange and blue for Syracuse! The boy who was crying left which was pretty great, but another little boy had to come in to the room to the left of me. Yes, I was in the middle room, how lucky! My family all contributed, including me, to get me a case of 2014 Topps finest which I opened slowly over the three days I was there! I opened about half the first day, but since I was so tired because of my medicine and the anesthesia, I could've really cared less about the cards. I finished it on the second day throughout the hours which was a lot of fun, and it kept me very busy. In the late morning, a nurse came to do physical therapy with me. For the first time, I got in a wheelchair and wheeled myself down the hall and back, but very slowly. My nurse also had to take my blood pressure and stuff every four hours which was very annoying also. This night, I was smart enough and wore my dads noise canceling headphones which were a miracle! I listened to Elton John, Bon Jovi, The Beatles, and a bunch of other stuff. I could still somehow manage to hear the other little boy in the room next to me crying because his father took his glasses away because he wouldn't take his medicine. What is it with taking medicine? Just take it and get it over with and it will all be over within a second.

The next morning I heard I was going to be taken home a day early!!! So I waited... And waited... And waited...  In the meantime while, I waited a little boy, about 6 years old, was playing peek-a-boo with me. At first, it brought a smile to me, but then the effect wore off, and it got annoying. I did talk to him for a little while, although he didn't really talk. I asked him if he was going home that day, and he said yes, but my mom told me he was going home the day after me. Some dogs also came to see me which was the most fun I had in three days! First, a golden retriever came to see me, which was awesome, then another little dog came to see me. She sat on my lap for a little while, until It was time to go home! I wheeled myself out of the hospital and the nurse helped me get into the car which was a little challenging since I couldn't stand up at all. Then I finally got home and had some Pizza from my favorite pizza place! For about a week, I had to sleep on my couch since I couldn't get upstairs. 

I was fine until Thanksgiving, when I was in a lot of pain, and I ate nothing throughout the whole day. It wasn't the best day, but it certainly wasn't the worst. 

On the day of the surgery, I woke up and I got in the car to go to the hospital and fell asleep immediately. When I got to the hospital I slept, until a woman told me I had to put a gown on which wasn't too much fun. I waited some more and some more, until the surgeon came to talk to me. Then, the Anesthesiologist talked to my parents and I about the risks and dangers it. Anesthesiologist seems like something really scary from a horror movie. I had to say goodbye to my parents and a lady took me to a very large room with a bunch of people with blue masks and they told me to lay down on a bed. These guys started to prick me a thousand times until someone put a mask on me and told me to take some breaths. First, I opened my eyes to see what was going on. I saw a guy with a blue mask leaning over me, and then I was knocked out, but the very next second I was awake, and someone telling me it's all done. They wheeled my bed into a room where all the patients that just came out of surgery go. I was very tired, but was in so much pain, I couldn't even be tired. So I waited, and waited, until my bed got wheeled into my real room. The room where I would stay for the next three days. I knew my stay in the hospital was going to be very long, and not the best. I didn't want to think that, but I had no choice but to think that.

Tonight, I'm writing this blog just so I can remember the positive things, and the negative things that came out of this. I didn't enjoy it at all, and I'm very ready to be over with this whole process, but sadly, this is only the first part. I still have a long road of physical therapy coming my way. I'm actually excited to start it, knowing that I will be a lot stronger by the time I'm done with it. 

Now, I can get in the car much quicker, I can get around the house very easily, I can ask anybody to get anything for me, and I'll be a new person by the time this is over. I haven't enjoyed this is the slightest way, but I know I will be healthier after this.

Now, I'm only ONE  day away from walking again! Now, I'm going to start counting the hours, then the minutes, then the seconds. Friday, I get to walk again. I don't think I'm ever going to want to sit down again!

Goodbye Wheelchair!

Time to start physical therapy!


Thank you for reading!


  1. Congrats, that;s great news!

  2. Glad to hear about your progress in recovery. Keep up the hard work!

    I'm going to be posting about the cards you sent my way today. Thanks again!