Sunday, January 25, 2015

MAB Pinstripe Pandemonium Show

Today, I went to the MAB Pinstripe Pandemonium Show. Let me just start off by saying, I had an awesome time! I'm halfway through all my tests and such, so maybe it was good to have a mini expensive break. On top of meeting all the players, I got to meet Drew (drewscards) which made my trip 100 times better! Here is everything that I got:

The first player I met is the only pitcher to ever pitch a perfect game in the Postseason, Don Larsen! I just asked him to inscribe it, "To Frankie," but he also put his perfect game inscription on there too which was really nice of him! The ball turned out fantastic, and it's probably the best looking signed baseball in my collection as of now. It's gonna be pretty hard to top that though!

Larsen took his time signing the baseball, and it was well worth the time. Don Larsen was also the first Yankees player that I got on my Gehrig jersey, which I was very happy about. 

Don Larsen was really nice, and it looked like he had a good time with everybody! 

I also had a photo opportunity with Larsen. I don't think I really needed it, but I got an 8x10 printed out there, which I would have had Larsen sign, but since the I did this after, it was a little hard. Plus, I would've had to spend another $60 or so.

Tino Martinez was one of nicest guys there. My mom was telling him how excited I was to see him, and that I loved doing this kind of stuff. He said Thank you so much a couple of times, and he was just a fantastic guy. 

Another picture of Tino.

This is when he was doing the photo opportunity's with everybody, my mom managed to get a pretty good picture of Tino.

I asked him to sign this jersey, and It turned out great! 

Tino signed it on the 4 of the jersey, signed his name and wrote, "To Frankie Best Wishes." When I get this hung up, It's gonna look great! 

Since Ron Guidry wasn't there, I had some extra cash, so I bought a ticket to see Wade Boggs instead. Boggs was really nice, but it doesn't get anywhere near Tino Martinez or Don Larsen. Since Wade Boggs had already finished signing, I had to go in the back room where all the players sign additional stuff. 

Wade signed a bat I got, that was supposed to be for Leyritz, but since Boggs is in the HOF, I had to make a change. The bat came out great!

Here's the bat - I couldn't take a picture of the full bat, it was too big.

Next up was John Wetteland. Right when we walked up to him, my mom said, "My son was telling me all about you." He said he was the unknown, which is sorta true. Right after Wetteland came Rivera, and as soon as Rivera came, everybody forgot about Wetteland. 

This is a picture of Wetteland signing my Gehrig jersey. I had to pay for an extra ticket for him to sign both the ball and jersey, which was a little letdown. Still, I'm happy to have Wetteland on my jersey!

Wetteland also signed this ball, and unlike most players, his signature is very nice. I'm actually surprised by the number of baseballs I got signed today, I usually get bats or jerseys, or something other than baseballs. 

The next player I met was Jim Leyritz! Leyritz was actually a really nice guy, even know he did kill someone and was linked to HGH. Even though I never saw Jim play, he's one of my favorite players. He always got big hits when the Yankees needed them.

I also had a photo opportunity with Leyritz. 

Jim Leyritz was saying bye to Don Larsen and telling him what an honor it was to see him. 

Jim Leyritz signed this baseball and inscribed it, "Last HR Of The Century." Leyritz was one of few that signed two items with one ticket. Overall, I had a great experience with Jim Leyritz.

Fritz Peterson was a super nice guy! He asked me why I was on crutches, told me to fell better, and we actually talked for a while. I felt like he was the most, "normal," player. I don't know if that makes any sense, but their are some players that are full of themselves, and their are some players that you would have never known they played baseball. Peterson was one of the nicest guys there!

Here he is signing my jersey. He also wrote, "get well," which was awesome! I didn't ask him to, or want him to, but in the end, I'm glad he did! I feel like that made the jersey a lot more special.

He even waved for a picture! Fritz Peterson was a really nice guy, and I'm so glad I paid the $20 to see him!

Chris Chambliss certainly wasn't the best player I met, but he was nice. He asked me why I was on crutches, and was very nice. I did have to pay extra to get two items signed, but If it's Chris Chambliss, of course I have to pay. My mom was saying how I was telling her all about him, and he said, "I'm surprised you remember that!"

Here he is signing the photo, which turned out really nice! 

I'm using my iphone that I never use to take all my pictures. There's a small glare on the photo, but even without the glare, it doesn't show how great it looks in person. It looks perfect! 

I also had a photo opportunity with Chambliss!

The last player I was going to see was Lee Smith! I had to wait a while for him, but it was well worth the wait, as it is with most players. Lee Smith wasn't as nice as Tino, Don, and Peterson, but he was still a really nice guy! 

Smith signed this ball for me since I didn't have anything else for him to sign. The ball turned out great! 

So far, I have Larsen, Martinez, Boggs, Wetteland, Leyritz, Peterson, and Chambliss on my jersey! So far, it looks great! The only problem is, I have to pay extra for the players to sign a jersey or bat, which I never thought of. Hopefully the line of signatures will straighten out and form a straight line! 

Here's a closeup of the jersey.

Overall, I had a fantastic time at the show, and brought home some awesome memorabilia! I also met Drew which was also a lot of fun, and we talked for a while. I didn't talk a whole lot, although I did try, my mom did most of the talking for me. meeting Drew made the show a whole lot better, and it's great to talk to somebody who knows and talks baseball! Most of my family doesn't really watch baseball, even though I have every game on every day. I had a great time Drew and hopefully we'll see each other at some other show at some other time! 

I can't say it enough. I had a fantastic time, and just had a great day in general! I've never met so many Yankees players in one day, and hopefully i'll be able to complete my Gehrig jersey in the many years to come! 

Thank you for reading! 


  1. Replies
    1. It was more than a nice day, it was a great day!

  2. Wow I thought I did well, jeez buddy I didn't realize how much you came home with! The jersey is off to a tremendous start, I'm excited to see where it goes from here. I had a blast getting to meet you and your mom, and look forward to hopefully seeing you in the future! PS: I'm very jealous of the Chambliss photo and Larsen ball too, they look perfect. Keep in touch!

    - Drew

    1. The Don Larsen ball is beautiful and he made sure it came out great as he took a very long time signing it! The Chambliss photo is definitely really nice, but I think I may like the Larsen ball a little more. It was great to meet you!

  3. Drew is an amazing person. I think it is really great that you got to meet him, as I was able to do the same a couple times, culminating with our trip to the HOF in 2013. It looks like you had a fantastic time at the show. Meeting fellow bloggers is always something that I enjoy. Congratulations again on a successful show.

    1. Thank you! It sure was a great day!

  4. Great pick ups.
    Larsen was a great when I met him a few years ago in Vegas.
    Still looks the same.
    You look like you are mending. Good to see

    1. Thank you! Larsen is getting up in age, but he doesn't look to bad and he seems to be doing well! As for me, I'm getting there!

  5. awesome day, would hope to ever be doing one of those !

    1. It definitely was a very awesome day, I had a great time!