Tuesday, January 27, 2015

August 11th Is a Good Day For The Yankees

The past two years, for my birthday, I went to Yankees games, one in New York, the other in Baltimore. In 2013 when I went to a game on my birthday, Alfonso Soriano hit a home run for his 2000th hit. Rivera blew the save and gave up a home run, but in the bottom of the ninth, my favorite player, Brett Gardner, hit a walk off home run! I was so glad that I got to see that, but it doesn't beat what happened exactly one year later. 

This time I was at Camden Yards, and even though the Yankees lost, I got to see Derek Jeter play. After some ruling, and a long confusing story, the hit that passed Honus Wagner was actually on my Birthday, August 11th! It was supposed to be August 8th, but after some ruling, it was changed to August 11th! I didn't realize that until about 10 days later, but still, I think that's really cool! 

I'm going to make another post about my all my signed baseballs later today, or tomorrow.

Thank you for reading!

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