Thursday, January 29, 2015

Players That Were Full Of Class - #1 and #2

Some of the players on this list may not be full of class, but their better than any Bonds or A-Rod. Here they are:

Paul O'Neil

Okay, maybe he wasn't the most perfect player, and he did knock down a dozen gatorade buckets, and throw a couple bats, but otherwise he was a great player full of class. He always respected the fans and payed attention to them just like in the 2001 World Series against the Diamondbacks. We all know how that game ended. Tino Martinez ties the game in the ninth and Derek Jeter hits a walk off home run. The series didn't end so well, as the Yankees lost in game 7 when Rivera was on the mound with the bases loaded. All the fans loved Paul O'Neil and respected him as he respected them. He never ignored them, but he also never ignored the game. Very few players can do that, although it may seem like such an easy skill. Paul O'Neil was a true class act.

Eric Young Jr.

Theres no doubt that Young should be on this list. He can play the game well, but the way he handles himself on the field is unbelievable. In 2013 when Tim Hudson was covering first, Eric young stepped on him, and you could see the fear on his face. It was amazing what he did. He immediately went over to Tim Hudson and started saying that he was sorry and everything and checked if he was okay. He stayed with Tim the whole time while he was down until he went back into the clubhouse and you could tell he was about to cry. Another game, when Young was going for a ball in the stands, he knocked down two little boys. He gave the one a little pat on the back and after the inning was over he gave the one he knocked down his wristband, and the other a baseball. Their faces immediately lit up. It was such a great moment to watch. I have a lot of respect for Eric Young Jr, and I think everybody does, or at least should. 

These kinds of players are what keep this game going. Without class and respect, where would baseball go? A lot of players now are just full of themselves like Carlos Gomez, or Yasiel Puig. It's great to see players like Eric Young Jr because he sets an example for everybody.

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