Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 HOF Members Are Almost Chosen

Well, I've been waiting for this for a while now, and now it's less than 24 hours away! Could five players be elected, for the first time since 1936? I sure hope Mike Piazza doesn't get in... Otherwise, this is a VERY strong Hall Of Fame ballot, and currently, five players got over %75 so far. Theres Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, Craig Biggio, John Smoltz, and Mike Piazza. You have one of the best pitchers ever, one of the best postseason pitchers, 3000+ hit player, another great postseason pitcher, and one of the best hitting catchers. Every single player on that list deserve to get into the hall at some point, it's just a matter of time. 

Pedro Martinez may not have been the nicest player, but his stuff was crazy good! All those times he pitched against the Yankees were almost all terrible for me, being a Yankees fan. I never saw him pitch all those times against the Yankees in the postseason, but I watch a ton of old games, a lot of which involve Pedro. He turned up his game when it came to October. Some players love to play in the postseason, other players struggle. Pedro Martinez was one of those players that excelled in the postseason. 

 Randy Johnson has more votes than Pedro, but they are both just as good. Johnson used to tilt his glove to say which pitch he was going to throw. The hitters knew what was coming, and they couldn't even hit it. Randy Johnson didn't have the best time with the Yankees, but the rest of his career was amazing. 

I met John Smoltz in person, and he's a great person, but I don't think that can match his pitching ability. The Braves had a great run in the 90's, allowing Smoltz to pitch a lot in the postseason. Smoltzie was made for October. He had a 2.67 ERA in the postseason which isn't great. It's spectacular. An easy vote into the Hall Of Fame in 2015. 

Any 3000 hit player should make the Hall Of Fame, and Craig Biggio is one of those players. Biggio was almost always healthy and played most of the season for a great portion of his career. Not to mention, he also spent his whole career with the Astros and had 291 home runs which isn't too bad either. No, I never got to see him play so I can't fully judge whether he should get into the Hall Of Fame or not, but I read plenty of books about baseball, and compared to some other players that are on the ballot, Biggio needs to make it.

If a .308 batting average and 427 home runs doesn't get you into the Hall Of Fame, I honestly don't know what does. Although some people have a suspicion Piazza took steroids, he denied it. Again, I never saw him play so I can't really say anything, but a lot of players took steroids back then, and most players got out clean, just like Piazza did. I'm not saying Piazza did use PED's, but it sure did seem like it. I have mixed opinions on him getting into the Hall Of Fame. Could he have taken steroids? Very possible. Was he one of the best hitting catchers of all time? Yes. We will ALL know tomorrow! 
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