Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Johnson, Martinez, Smoltz, And Biggio In The Hall Of Fame

The 2015 Hall Of Fame inductees were just announced about an hour ago. All the players deserve it, and every player who goes into the Hall Of Fame deserve it. There's something special about this class though for some reason. Three first timer pitchers all got in, and Biggio, who should have gotten in last year, is finally in!  

Just an item I wanted to show off

Randy Johnson, John Smoltz, and most of all Pedro Martinez, all pitched against the Yankees in the playoffs. You can't forget Biggio though. 3000+ hits, and he always played his hardest. He tried to turn singles into doubles, he stole bases, and he had the ability to play multiple positions. Craig Biggio was my favorite though. I can't hate any of them though since their all spectacular players, but Pedro did have a short fuse, so he would be my "least" favorite. I still respect him, and all the other players inducted of course, so I really can't have a least favorite.

Another cool item

Smoltz even signed my cast!
I also want to start a collecting one player and one player only. Since Biggio recently got in, I decided to start a personal collection of Hall Of Famer Craig Biggio! I already have a strata autograph so I guess that's a start. Not a great start, but its a start.


Congratulations to all 2015 Hall Of Fame inductees!

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