Tuesday, January 6, 2015

*100th post Contest*

I did one during Christmas time and only one person commented, so I thought I would give it another shot. This time it's three cards instead of one. Also it's my 100th post! I've only been blogging for about three months, but have enjoyed them. If you do the math, I've posted 100 times in three months, so every year I should post about 400-500 times a year, which isn't too bad at all! 

Rules: You must post about it on your blog, and you must be a follower of my blog. But here's how you win - First, I want you to post your favorite team, your top 3 favorite players, and who you think think were the 3 best players to play in the MLB and a very short description why they are the best. If you want to say a funny joke you can increase your chances of winning, I need a little laugh anyway!
Here's an example:

Favorite team - Yankees
Favorite players - Derek Jeter, Nolan Arenado, Brett Gardner
Best players - Babe Ruth because blah blah blah, Pete Rose because blah blah blah, and Barry Bonds because blah blah blah.
(And then a joke)


Thank you for reading my blog!


  1. I did a post on my blog at rivera42encarnacion10.blogspot.com

    1. My favorite team is the Yankees.
      My favorite players are Derek Jeter, R.A. Dickey, and Mariano Rivera
      Best Players: Ken Griffey Jr. because of his speed and power. Mariano Rivera because of his unhittable cutter. Todd Helton because of his consistency and how he leads a team (normally to last place though).

  2. Favorite team - Cardinals
    Favorite players -Daniel Descalso,JD Drew, Randy Johnson, Mike Piazza, Pedro Martinez.....i really like/liked a lot of players too hard to narrow it down to one,

    Best players (that i can remember watching)
    Randy Johnson, Griffey JR, Pujols.

    each of thsoe players had;/have such a prescene about them, to the point where as you were watching them you knew in your mind that you were watching a Hall of Famer in the making, it was scary good watching randy johnson and griffey (in his prime)

    Ill post a write up on my blog, actually needed something to post about today


  3. Favorite Team : Dodgers...Duh = )
    Favorite Players : Clayton Kershaw, Mike Trout, Matt Kemp
    Best Players ( like Joseph Im going with the ones I have watched in person) :
    Kershaw - what his doing on the mound is historic and he hasnt even hit his prime
    Mike Piazza - best hitting catcher of all time.
    Pujols - no one was better in the game from 2001-2011. a decade of dominance. clutch power hitter in high wire situations.

    funny joke? The Jets continuing to do PSL's. Really? Ha Ha.
    My "jokes" are too off color probably for posting hence the sports "joke"
    = )
    Here is the link on the pimping of the contest.

  4. Team: Dodgers

    Players: Matt Kemp, Clayton Kershaw, Russell Martin

    Best: I'm going with three guys for different reasons, not the 3 best ever period....Ruth (most productive player ever), Rickey Henderson (best leadoff hitter ever, seriously underrated), King Kelly (probably the second-best player of his era).

    Joke: Here's a sports joke....Chris Berman.

    1. Here's my promotion of the contest:


  5. I am a new follower, thanks for the contest.

    Favorite team - Giants
    Favorite players - Willie McCovey, Rickey Henderson and Buster Posey
    Best players - Barry Bonds (Most dominant and feared hitter of all time, everyone was juicing, even the pitchers), Babe Ruth (transformed the game, larger than life and ridiculous stats) and Christy Mathewson (had to pick a pitcher and after reading a book on him recently, man was he good).

    Why was it so windy at Candlestick Park?
    Because of all the Giant Fans!

  6. Joseph A
    Greg Z
    Caitlin J
    Dodger P

    Joseph.A is the winner of my contest! I randomized the 5 names, and Joseph came out on top!