Friday, January 30, 2015

Joe Buck And Tim McCarver - The Dynamic Duo - Well... Also Ernie Johnson

I've listened to Joe Buck for so many years, and I'm getting a little sick of hearing the same thing over and over and over again. "Strike one." "Strike Two." "He's out." He calls the World Series every year, and I think he calls the Super Bowl, but I'm not too sure. But every year I hear the voice of Joe Buck, and it bores me to death. At least this year Harold Reynolds was in the booth with Buck, but before that, everybody had to deal with the son of the legendary Jack Buck, and Tim McCarver. Joe Buck would just say the strike number and the out number, and occasionally say something else, and Tim McCarver would, "sprinkle," the information on. In game 1 it was okay, but then, I couldn't take it anymore. At one point last year during the World Series, (Red Sox and Cardinals) I muted my TV so I couldn't hear Buck and McCarver. 

Like Ernie Johnson is any better... 

At one point during the 2014 World Series, Chris "Mad dog" Russo was talking about how bad the announcing was, which was of course, Ernie Johnson. Of course the only postseason game I went to, was on MLB Network which was a lot better. I love when Michael Kay and Paul O'Neil announce for YES, it makes the game a lot more interesting, and O'Neil is a pretty funny guy. I found this while looking for Joe Buck and Tim McCarver:

BUCK Two outs in the bottom of the seventh as Jarrod Saltalamacchia takes a strike. MCCARVER Saltalamacchia, who is known to his teammates as "Salty," uses Led Zeppelin's "Good Times Bad Times" as his walk-up music, which is fitting, given that he has had a tremendous offensive season but has struggled mightily behind the plate. BUCK And a ball outside. MCCARVER Led Zeppelin, one of the all time greats, led by Jimmy Plant and Robert Page, are enshrined in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and this year the Red Sox hope to see Curt Schilling enshrined in the Baseball Hall of Fame. BUCK Strike two. MCCARVER I'm sure many of our viewers are familiar with the story of how Led Zeppelin got its name. When the band was formed, Keith Moon of The Who suggested that their sound would go over like a lead zeppelin, and the name stuck. Thankfully the MetLife Blimp, which is hovering over Fenway Park tonight, is not made of lead but rather a lightweight synthetic composite. BUCK Foul back to the screen. MCCARVER And I have to apologize to our viewers. I meant, of course, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. Both tremendous musicians whose music remains just as relevant as it was when it was recorded. BUCK Swung on and missed for strike three and the inning is over.

I could honestly care less about all the worthless information Tim McCarver gave us. On top of that, Buck says about 20 words throughout the whole at bat... One gone one to go...

Also, does anybody know if Joe Buck is announcing the Super Bowl?

Thank you for reading!

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