Monday, January 26, 2015

Steiner Mess Up

In 2010 (I think) I remembered asking for a a Derek Jeter signed baseball for Christmas. Well, I did get what I wanted, and in 2013 I received a Mariano Rivera signed baseball for Christmas! I was halfway done to completing the full core four set! This Christmas, I got a Jorge Posada signed baseball, and an Andy Pettitte signed baseball. That isn't where the mess up was though. The Posada ball was supposed to come with one of those ball cases, the ones you can get for $15. After, my dad contacted Steiner and told them that we were supposed to get a case, and after they exchanged a couple of emails, they said they would send the case (Finally). Now, the waiting game. A box finally came in the mail, and I looked at it and on the label it said, "Steiner Sports." Oh well their's my case! Even though it looked sort of small to be one, I just sort of put it aside and left it in the box. So when my dad comes home, he told me the case finally came. Okay! He opened it up, and he told me the story, and told me they sent another Jorge Posada signed baseball! Well that was a nice little surprise!

Now I have all of the core four! I've been wanting to get some pictures up for a while now, so I think tomorrow might be a good day. I now have 15 autographed baseballs, 4 autographed bats (one game used),  5 autographed jerseys, and a pair of game used batting gloves! I actually never knew I had that many baseballs until I checked. I think it's time to take a little break from baseball stuff, and put some of my money towards charity. I've had quite a week! 

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