Friday, April 3, 2015

Finally Something To Blog About

The last day of school until spring break was yesterday, and the past few days, I've had nothing to blog about. It's been a pretty boring day today, besides the Yankees and Nationals game, but the Yankees lost. The only exciting thing today, was this package I got! It was from ebay, so it only had to be one thing...

The Bryce Harper autograph! I'm hoping, but sort of not hoping, that Harper has a breakout year. He's a complete jerk, but at the same time, such a talented player, that I can't hate him. It's graded an 8.5...

With an 8 autograph. I'm no professional grader, but to me, it's looks like a 9 autograph. It is a little streaky, like most Harper autographs, and it does go off the sticker a little. All in all it's an awesome card! 
3 More Days Until Opening Day!!!!!!!

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