Wednesday, April 29, 2015

1st BGS Submission - May 1st

I've never done a BGS submission, and after I made some money off of the Maddux, I thought I would put the $150 towards my first BGS submission! The cards look much better in the BGS cases, and it also protects the cards. I'm going to do this Dodger Penguin style (TM).

I acquired this card at a card show in November, but it has a bunch of scratches on the front, so I do not expect a 9.5, 9, or even 8.5. Before all of that though, BGS may not even grade Strata autographs. Dodger Penguin's strata's didn't get graded, but I'll send it either way. 

At first, I wasn't going to send this card, but I love the look of this card, and It will look great incased. The surface isn't the best, and the card doesn't really have corners, so I'm expecting a 9. Definitely not a 9.5, but a 9/10 would be great! 

This was the one Reggie Jackson autograph that I was going to grade, since It's in much better condition then the Topps Tier one autograph. I'm expecting a 9.5/10, mostly because the corners and edges look good, and the autograph is clean for the most part. It has a tiny tiny tiny smudge at the beginning of the "J," but I don't think that will affect the autograph grade.

I usually wouldn't grade a relic card, but it's a button, how could I not grade it? The corners actually look great, considering it's so thick, and it came from a product from 2008. I would be happy with a 9, but a gold label is always great! Maybe, just maybe, I could get a 9.5 on this card. Hopefully! 

I pulled this card from a box of 2015 Museum Collection, and it looks flawless. Okay, maybe not flawless, but good enough to earn a 9.5. Let's hope for a 9.5 on this card! 

Probably my favorite card in my collection, this was the reason why I was going to do the submission. Then 1 turned into 2. Then 3. Then 16. The autograph is flawless, and I'm thinking this card is going to get a 9/10. The corners aren't the best, but that may just be me. Hopefully this card can pull off a 9.5/10 

I'm not really sure what this card is going to get, but I'm hoping it get's a 9.5/10. I'm always hoping, that a card gets a gold label, but this card is right in the middle. 

This card hasn't been taken out of the top loader yet that Topps sent it in, so I think this card will get a 9.5. The surface, corners, and edges all look very sharp. I honestly have no idea about the centering on any card, since I don't think that should be a sub grade. Their is a small smudge on the autograph, so it will definitely not get a 10 on the autograph. Overall, I think this card will get a 9.5/9.

Five star has always had corner issues, but this card looks pretty good. Not worthy of a 9.5, but I think this card will get a 9/10. I'm really hoping this card gets a gold label though! 

Now onto the prospects. This card looks extremely good, and I'm pretty sure this card could earn a 9.5/10. Another up and coming star! 

This is another sharp looking card that I'm hoping can earn a 9.5/10. I hate Yordano Ventura, but he's an absolutely amazing pitcher, and this card is #ed /99! 

Everything looks great on this card, so I'm hoping for a 9.5/10. 

This is the only finest card that I'm not really sure about, since I can't really see any scratches on the card. I would LOVE for this card to get a 9.5/10, but I think it deserves a 9/10 at least. Hopefully I can pull off a 9.5/10!
This card has never been shown on my blog before, since I'm so behind on trades, but I think Nick Gordon is going to be an amazing player. I would love a 9.5/10, and I think it deserves a 9.5/10! 

I just got this card today, and It's great since I'm already sending cards to BGS, I might as well throw this one in too! The autograph is flawless, and the edges and corners look pretty good to me. I have no idea about the centering, and I haven't checked out the surface, and won't be checking the surface since I don't want to take the card out of the top loader. 9.5/10 Would be great on this card! 

The only non autograph or relic in this lot, is this Derek Jeter TEKtonics parallel /50! I pulled this myself from a box of Topps high tek, along with a Jose Abreu base autograph. Edges and corners are fine, but the surface on tek cards isn't the best, so I'm hoping it doesn't affect the overall grade that much. I think this card is worthy of a 9.5, if not, definitely a 9! 

I'll be sending these cards to BGS on Friday, so It's definitely going to be a long 20 days! I am no Dodger Penguin, but I am hoping for some good grades. You'll see all of these cards again in 20 days! 

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Thank you for reading! 


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    1. Great luck to you on all of the cards. Id be really pulling for that Mariano Museum to get a gold banner. That is the gem in my eye of this batch or at least for me it would be, Stanton a close second. Also, remember its 20 AFTER they get it. Make sure you put your email in the order so you can check status. They will post results a day before shipping so you will know full results about 5 days before you get them back. Again, great luck to you. My next batch is up to 22 and figuring when I will be sending those in. Probably end of May.

    2. Boy this is going to be a long 3 weeks. Just shipped out today.

      Their website is awful, so I had to fill out a form instead of doing it online. I'm really hoping that the Rivera gets a 9.5/10!!! And thank you for all the information!