Saturday, April 4, 2015

Another Wade Boggs TTM Success

Wade Boggs

February 20th - April 4th 

43 Days


I'm shocked that I got this back. Wade Boggs usually never takes this long, especially when money is sent. I sent $10, along with 1 photo, and 11 cards. I didn't expect to get all 11 cards to get signed, but everything that I sent got signed! 10 cards, 1 sports disk, and 1 photo.

I met Boggs at an autograph signing in New Jersey in January. He wasn't the nicest person, but he was just doing his job. 

I got a bat signed and inscribed HOF 08, and my Gehrig jersey signed. 

I had 2 of these cards, so I just sent him both. I thought he may have kept 1, but he didn't 

I love this card of Boggs, with the glasses, and him running. It's from score, but it's still a very nice card!

The last Yankee card that I sent him, was from Stadium club. 

I think I may have already sent this card... Oh well.

Another Red Sox card from 1991 Fleer.

This sports disk is from 2013 Panini Cooperstown. The signature turned out great with the white back round, but their sort of hard to store.

1991 Score of Wade Boggs...

1991 Donruss of Wade Boggs...

And my favorite card of all, a 2014 Bowman sparkle card! The signature turned out amazing, and the card looks great! 

I also sent a small photo of Boggs and I, from when I met him at the autograph signing. I'm so glad the I didn't have to spend $100 to get the photo signed, even though I included $10 to get the 12 cards signed. Not too bad!
Thank you Mr. Boggs! I hope everyone has a happy Easter and Passover, or whatever it is you celebrate! 

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  1. Nice successes! Boggs is one of the best HOF signers out there.