Sunday, February 19, 2017

Late Mail

I won both of these cards in a razz (raffle) for a mere amount of what they're actually worth. I know absolutely nothing about Gavin Lux except for the fact that he's 19 years old and was drafted in the first round of the 2016 draft. He's at least a couple years away from the majors, and I do not have that kind of patience when it comes to prospects.

I'll probably end up selling this card, or possibly grading it. I don't think there's anyway I could wait 2+ years to see if a prospect pans out.

The other card that I won was this Adrian Gonzalez booklet /10! Even though I'm not a Dodgers fan, I'll still end up keeping this card if it doesn't get traded for something Yankees related.
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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Aroldis Chapman 1/1 Nameplate

Baseball is back! Kind of. Opening day is still 43 days, but spring training is here (Thank God). I've picked up quite a few cards since the last time I posted which seems like forever ago. I ended up selling my Scully, and got a nice chunk of cash for it. I put that money towards some cards that I'd appreciate more, such as this Aroldis Chapman 5X7 1/1 nameplate!

I could care less that Chapman is shown on the Reds on this "card." It's a 1/1 nameplate for crying out loud!

After the Yankees acquired Chapman from the Reds last year, I went out and bought this 1/1 booklet. I sold it shortly after due to Chapman was traded.

And here's a scan of the monstrous card. Even though I don't agree at all with Chapman's contract, I'll enjoy watching him close out games in the Bronx in the next 5 years. If only 86 million wasn't spent on him...
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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Quick Topps Redemption Turnaround

A couple weeks ago I pulled a Vin Scully redemption from 2016 five star. I knew it was already live, so I went ahead and redeemed it the day that I pulled it. To my surprise, the card arrived Thursday (about 2 weeks time)! 

For whatever reason Topps included this Xavier Scruggs topps chrome autograph.

This card in person looks amazing. The autograph is a bit shaky, but still as beautiful as always. If I was a Dodgers fan I'd be keeping this card without a question, but that's not the case. I'll either be sending it to BGS or trying to sell or trade it to someone else for something else I'd rather have.
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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Lots For Trade

Looking for the following in return:

Nolan Arenado
Trevor Story
Jon Gray
Max Kepler
Tyler Naquin

I also most likely have base or inserts of the team/player you're looking for, so just email me at:







/35 (Bad Scan)




About 20 base

About 15 base







Same card (Back)



Saturday, January 21, 2017

Gary Sanchez Mailday

Gary Sanchez absolutely tore up the majors in August and September. In just 53 games he posted a .299 average along with 20 home runs while cutting down 41% of the runners that tried to steal on him. As soon as he started to go on his 53 game tear, his prices skyrocketed. Unfortunately, I didn't own any bowman chrome autographs of his (I really wish I went in on Sanchez instead of Judge), so I decided to wait until the offseason to buy one. The opportunity to buy one finally came and I pulled the trigger.

It's a BGS 8.5/10, but it's a Sanchez refractor autograph nonetheless! I'm thinking about resubmitting it to try and bump it up to a 9 or even 9.5 (yes I know that's a long shot). Even if it doesn't bump I'll be keeping the card because well... It's Gary Sanchez! Hopefully he can lead the Yankees into the postseason this season...
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2012 Triple Threads Box Break And Review

PRODUCT: 2012 Topps Triple Threads

Why would I be reviewing a product that released nearly 5 years ago? I'm not really sure I know the answer to that question, but it's a product that I opened just a few weeks ago so why not?

The base cards and parallels look amazing. As far as personal preference, the design of 2012 triple threads is one of my favorite triple threads designs next to only 2011. According to cardboard connection, this is the sepia parallel numbered /625.

The other parallel featured in my box was an emerald /250 of Brandon Phillips. There are only 6 different parallels in this product (sepia, emerald, gold, onyx, sapphire, and ruby) and better yet the parallel names aren't absurd! In this years bowman chrome, there were 8 different numbered parallels. In my opinion, that's way too many.

The first pack definitely wasn't a stunner. The first hit was a Nelson Cruz unity relic /36. Even though the card isn't great, it looks great. 

I usually wouldn't mind pulling a redemption, but in this case I do mind. The redemption expired back in 2015. Obviously if the redemption had been for something huge I would've been more disappointed, but I can live without a Freddie Freeman rookie auto.

The second pack consisted of an Elvis Andrus auto /99. After making 2 crucial errors in game 5 of the 2015 ALDS, Andrus had the best year of his career in 2016. The final hit made up for the first 3 mediocre hits.

It's nothing huge, but a Tom Seaver dual sided relic /27! The front of the card features Seaver on the Reds, while the back features him in a Mets uniform.

It certainly is a cool card to have.

Final Thoughts

Although the price is a bit steep, triple threads is always a ton of fun to break. 2012 triple threads is a product that I've never opened before, so it was fun to explore new waters. I probably wouldn't buy another box of this only because I'm mostly sticking to singles now, but if that weren't the case 2012 triple threads would be a product I'd buy again. While focusing on mostly current players and rookies, triple threads still manages to deliver a very good mix of retired players and Hall of Famers. Triple threads is 2 packs of pure gold!

Design: 8.5
Quality: 8
Checklist: 6
Overall: 8
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Friday, January 20, 2017

2016 Prime Cuts Box Break And Review

Product: 2016 Panini Prime Cuts Baseball

This is another break that I did over the holidays. I got it for a pretty decent price so I thought why not. Well I found out why not.

The first card that showed up in the little packet of cards was this Posey relic /149. The design of the cards look surprisingly nice. The card is nothing to cheer about, but at least Panini put effort into the making of this card.

The second card of the break was this Bob Gibson dual relic /25. I would've been happy with this if the box cost me $50, but it cost me quite a bit more and considering there are only five cards a box, this was a pretty rough hit. Not to mention the card was all dinged up.

The third and final relic of the box was of Nolan Ryan, numbered /99. Once again, a card like this should not be in a $175 box of cards. Once again, a card in this condition should not come from a sealed box of cards.

Great! An auto! Wait, who's Michael Reed? Why is the autograph all screwed up? Poor quality.

Hey, at least I got something semi-decent. If the autograph was clean I'd probably even keep the card, but Panini strikes again! I tried contacting them on social media about the damage, but they won't even respond. Unfortunate.

Final Thoughts

There is absolutely no way I would buy another box of this. Even if you're looking for a fun break, this is not the way to go! Not only does the break take 45 seconds, it's not fun! At least with triple threads the cards come in a pack within a mini box within a larger box. Who doesn't love opening boxes only to reveal smaller boxes? At least that's something I enjoy doing, I'm not sure about other collectors.

Design: 4/10

Quality: 2.5/10

Checklist: 4/10

Overall: 3.5/10

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