Friday, January 20, 2017

2016 Prime Cuts Box Break And Review

Product: 2016 Panini Prime Cuts Baseball

This is another break that I did over the holidays. I got it for a pretty decent price so I thought why not. Well I found out why not.

The first card that showed up in the little packet of cards was this Posey relic /149. The design of the cards look surprisingly nice. The card is nothing to cheer about, but at least Panini put effort into the making of this card.

The second card of the break was this Bob Gibson dual relic /25. I would've been happy with this if the box cost me $50, but it cost me quite a bit more and considering there are only five cards a box, this was a pretty rough hit. Not to mention the card was all dinged up.

The third and final relic of the box was of Nolan Ryan, numbered /99. Once again, a card like this should not be in a $175 box of cards. Once again, a card in this condition should not come from a sealed box of cards.

Great! An auto! Wait, who's Michael Reed? Why is the autograph all screwed up? Poor quality.

Hey, at least I got something semi-decent. If the autograph was clean I'd probably even keep the card, but Panini strikes again! I tried contacting them on social media about the damage, but they won't even respond. Unfortunate.

Final Thoughts

There is absolutely no way I would buy another box of this. Even if you're looking for a fun break, this is not the way to go! Not only does the break take 45 seconds, it's not fun! At least with triple threads the cards come in a pack within a mini box within a larger box. Who doesn't love opening boxes only to reveal smaller boxes? At least that's something I enjoy doing, I'm not sure about other collectors.

Design: 4/10

Quality: 2.5/10

Checklist: 4/10

Overall: 3.5/10

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

2016 Dynasty - Rockies

I find myself spending a lot more time collecting Rockies than Yankees. A large part of that has to do with the extremely high prices on Yankees cards; Sanchez, Judge, Torres, Frazier, and even Gardner all have heavy price tags on them. Story? Not so much. Arenado? Not at all. Even though both Story and Arenado play in Colorado, they're still fantastic players. I was reading an article about the inflated numbers of Arenado and other players in Colorado, and Arenado's revised numbers (if he were to play for another team) were still pretty damn good. 

Nolan Arenado's revised numbers:

.271 BA
.336 OBP
.520 SLG
.856 OPS
36 HR
110 RBI

The all star gold glove third basemen also posted a 6.5 WAR, 10th overall, 8th overall defensively just ahead of all gold glover Manny Machado.

I actually pulled the Story from a box of dynasty that I broke on Christmas. Obviously I didn't too well, but I've wanted a Story auto for quite some time and why not my first Story be a dynasty? Trevor Story is a player I'm trying to start a side collection of (obviously not as big as Arenado) since he's a young and exciting player. On top of that, I can definitely see the Rockies contending in the next few years.

The patch is nothing spectacular, but it's still a Story autograph nonetheless!

And of course I had to pick up an Arenado dynasty. He hasn't signed a baseball card with a major company since 2013 (his rookie year) so I was very excited when I saw that he was on checklists for multiple products this year. Hopefully he's in more products next year!
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Monday, January 16, 2017

Pudge Patch

For awhile I've tried to focus on collecting just Yankees, Rockies, and Nolan Arenado, but I decided to stray away from that small group. I didn't pick this card up because the former MVP played 33 games for the Yankees while hitting a dull .219; I acquired this card because soon he should be inducted into the Hall of Fame. No evidence has led PED's to Rodriguez, but Jose Canseco claimed to have injected him. Either way, PED's don't help you win 13 gold gloves, 10 of them being consecutive.

 When I first asked the dealer about the Pudge, he told me $150. After standing there in silence for a minute or so, he came down quite a bit on the price. I guess sometimes the best way to negotiate is to say nothing at all. Lesson learned.
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White Plains Card Show Pickups

I haven't been to the White Plains card show in about 2 years, and The National compared to White Plains is like comparing a brand like Post to a brand like Safeway kitchens. 

If you had a choice you'd obviously go with Cocoa Pebbles. And if you choose the other brands then... Well you might as well submit yourself to a mental institute. 

Okay, now onto the cards.

I bought this card before the box of five star. It just so happens that I bought the same card that I would pull an hour later. I'm very high on Kepler and I think he could be an important part to the Twins lineup in a few years, so I'll be keeping both Kepler's. I'm hoping to pick up Kepler in the future.

Ever since Bauer pitched in the postseason last year I've always wanted an auto of his. I probably overpaid for this card, but Bauer has been on my want list for awhile now so it was all worth it.

Jon Gray is another player I'm really high on. His 4.61 ERA may not be very intimidating, but he definitely has the tools to be a middle of the rotation starter in the future. I'm really hoping to pick up more Gray in the future, as I love watching him pitch.

And finally, a David Dahl bowman sterling refractor auto /199. I've been wanting a Dahl auto for quite a while now, and the price made it even better. Dahl was quickly brought up to the major leagues after tearing up AAA, and he showed the Rockies why their future is so bright. A young starting rotation mixed with a powerful lineup, the Rockies can really bring it. The bullpen is a bit of an issue though... Although I do see the Rockies contending for a wild card spot next year. If not the Yankees, then let it be the Rockies!
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Sunday, January 15, 2017

1 Amazing Box Of 2016 Five Star

It was kind of a last minute thing, but my dad and I took a trip down to the White Plains card show in, well, White Plains. I didn't bring a whole lot of cash with me and I also didn't bring any of my own cards, so it was a quick trip. One of the first booths I stopped at had an Arod dynasty /5 for a pretty good price, but I didn't want to spend all my cash within 5 minutes of being there so I decided to walk around some more. Long story short, I spent half an hour trying to find that card again. I gave up and decided to look elsewhere. So instead of spending the money on the Arod dynasty, I spent about half of that money on a box of 2016 Topps Five Star. I originally picked out two boxes of high tek, but I opted to go for five star once I saw it. Of course just as I was walking about, I passed the booth with the Arod dynasty... Oh well.

I noticed that the pack was very thin which most likely meant I had redemption. I've had great luck with redemptions in the past, so redemptions don't bother me, especially if it's good.

The first card on top was a Max Kepler base autograph. An hour earlier I bought the exact same card for 1/15th the price of the box. I would've been happy with this card if I hadn't already had the same exact card. The next card more than made up for the Kepler though... I knew both Bryant and Urias had redemptions in five star (I thought Maeda did too but apparently I was wrong), but as soon as I saw that white front I was almost certain it was Urias or Maeda (which I would have been happy with). Well... This came out.

Vin Scully gold parallel autograph /50! I was absolutely ecstatic when I pulled this! I pulled a Scully auto from 2012 prime cuts a little over two years ago and never thought I'd pull another. I'll definitely be redeeming this since the card is already live, and hopefully I'll be sending it to BGS for grading as long as there are no major flaws. The next week of posting will be a recap of everything else that I got at the show.
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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Out With The Old, In With The New

It's been 2 months seen I've last posted. The absence of baseball and the fact that I have track everyday hasn't helped with the lack of posting either. Even though I haven't been posting, I've still been picking up some cards every now and then, and I have a lot to post. Since my time is limited though I'll be sticking to 1-2 cards per post and I'll hopefully post at least once or twice a week. So without further ado, here is one of the newest cards I have added to my collect!

1/1 Starlin Castro jumbo sleeve patch from 2015 triple threads! Even though Castro really frustrates me when he swings at almost everything he sees, this was a must have piece of cardboard for me. The card speaks for itself. There's not much else to say about it besides it's one unique card.
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Monday, October 3, 2016

Seyanora, Teixeira

As strange as it seems, the most fond memory that I hold of Mark Teixeira isn't his walk off in 2009 or his walk off grand slam just last week, it's him busting it down the line to beat out a double play in the 9th inning. Mark was nursing an injured calf, but there were runners on 1st and 3rd with only one out, the runner at 3rd being the tying run. Even though he hits a little dribbler to the second baseman, he hustles down the line despite the calf injury and makes a headfirst dive into first to avoid hurting himself furthermore. He can't believe that he's called out, and the emotion he displays just shows how much the game meant to him. The funny part is, the title of the video is Yanks lose on close play. I didn't know being safe by a yard was considered close! I couldn't download the video to this post, so I left the link below.

To me, that sums up his career in 2 minutes. 400+ home runs, lots of gold gloves, a career full of injuries, and a heart set to play the game he loved. Now with Teixeira leaving, it's like all the players that I watched growing up are gone with the exception of Gardner and Sabathia. 

It won't be the same!
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