Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Theres Only One Thing Better Than A Christmas Miracle...

And that's having Chase Headley start at 3B in 2015! That means no A-Rod in the field! That also means the Yankees will have Headley, Gregorious, Prado, and Tex to round out the infield with McCann catching. I guess you could also have Jose Pirela play short who had a pretty good (short) 2014. Also with Ellsbury and Gardner in the outfield, and hopefully Ichiro for another year or two.

I don't even want A-Fraud in the lineup, just because I hate him. Theres a lot more I could say about him, but I'll leave that for other times. A-Roid is VERY close to 3000 hits, but to be honest, I hope he doesn't get there. And if he DOES reach that milestone, than I hope he gets booed by all the fans. That would be pretty funny.

I respect Headley a million times more than A-Rod, because Headley got better offers, but wanted to play for the Yankees, and win. Unlike Alex who plays for money.
He was even the hero in his first game as a Yankee-Now he's a great hero because A-Rod can't play third base!

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