Monday, December 15, 2014

It's The Time To Give, Not Receive

No, I'm not just talking about giving to your family or friends. It's getting a lot colder and there are a lot of homeless people out there, sitting in the cold and nobody to spend their holiday with. On top of that, they most likely won't have anything to eat. 

I know when I see somebody asking for money on the streets, I don't even think twice, I just hand them a couple dollars. My parents always think they spend the money on drugs or alcohol, or something bad, but for everybody who thinks that, your %100 wrong. They don't have the money to do what they want, or eat what they want! Besides, is $5 really going to make a difference for most of us? We spend money on what we want, sports cards, books, a bed, A HOUSE TO SLEEP UNDER...

Most people don't realize what kind of world we live in. People who go to school are lucky to go to school, and people who get christmas gifts, or birthday presents, and very lucky. We spoil ourselves with too much stuff, and when it comes time to give to the less fortunate, most people ignore it. 

For Christmas, I'm asking my parents to make some donations to charity's, and to get some gift cards to food stores to give to the homeless people I see, or somebody that is less fortunate then me. 

So PLEASE, the next time you see somebody that is less fortunate than you, take the extra second and do something for them, whether it's a lot, or something little. If everybody helps a little, it will help other people, even if you don't think so. The next time you see that pack of cards, or alarm clock, or whatever it is, put it aside and put that money towards making someones day. If you gave somebody who is homeless a $50 bill, that would make their year! That would mean the world to them in every way possible. A little, can go a very long way.

<>Happy Holidays<>

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