Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Some Packs And Two Cards From A Friend

Today one of my awesome friends dropped off the following packs for me:

(1) 2011 Topps series two baseball
(2) 2012 Topps series one baseball
(2) 2014 Topps series one baseball

I got some pretty cool cards and an interesting redemption card, which is expired ugh. Here are the cards!
This is a really fun picture with David Murphy!


Mike Leake is a pitcher, but is featured as a batter on this card!

King Albert. I swear, he's on steroids.

Pitched the last no hitter of the season!

Red Sparkle variation!

Not going to stay with the Yankees, sorry.

I saw this card and thought it was something huge. Then I looked at the expiration date.

One of my favorite cards of the 5 packs. It's a pretty thick card, and on the back it states that Nomar was able to reach 90mph fastball when he was 13!

Gold parallel #ed to the year it was made. Also a former Yankee!

An interesting matchup...

I love this card, just because of the fact they show how he turns his whole body towards first base.

One of each of the core four! I'll start with this sparkle of Jorge Posada!

One of the saddest games I've ever watched. I love this card! It shows DJ, Pettitte, and Mo all in one card! I already have a couple of the same card, but nonetheless, it's an awesome card!

No, this didn't come from a pack, my friend (or his father) gave me this card, which makes it even better! It's from 1968 Topps, so I can add it to my vintage collection! 

Ugh, my scanner is stupid, please forgive me! It's a Don Mattingly rookie card from 1984 Topps! I already have one, but nobody can have enough Mattingly! 

Thank You so much for the cards Jack, I really like them!

Please go check out his blog, even though it's not really about cards:



  1. Your welcome. Thanks for recommending me.

  2. love the nomah... and the angle on the robertson is awesome

    1. Hahaha, what? I don't get it.