Saturday, December 20, 2014

JANUARY - A Trade With A Cracked Bat

Julie, from, "A Cracked Bat," sent over some very nice Yankees cards, most of which I don't have! So here they are:

First up, A Pete Rose from Golden Age! Pete Rose is one of my favorite players, and also one of the main players I collect! 

Ruben Rivera isn't a player I collect, but can add this to my other 1100+ Yankees cards!

McDowell was only with the Yankees one year, but had 15 wins that year. Also a very nice card!

This is my favorite card of the bunch, an Andy Pettitte select rookie. My first Pettitte rookie! 

For Some weird reason it scanned these three cards as one. More Tino Martinez, and I don't have a single El Duque card of him in a Yankees uniform!

Justice never really fit with the Yankees, but he had a pretty good career steroids or not.
Bernie Williams! I could say a million good things about him, but I'm a little short on time. He was a fantastic player for the Yankees, and always played the game the right way. He's also a very good musician!

Lazzeri had a great time with the Yankees, it's unfortunate he had such a short life. 

The Yankee Captain spent his whole career in NY just like many other players on the cards. He was a great player, Hall of Fame or not, but now spends his time with the Dodgers, managing. 

My favorite player, The Warrior, Paul O'Neil! O'Neil now announces for YES, but was key for the Yankees during their string of World Series Championships! I can add this to the other 50+ O'Neil cards I have!

Pettitte was always a class act, even though he was linked to HGH in 2002. It ACTUALLY  wasn't even a banned substance until 2005, so he didn't really cheat. But later, he did admit to using HGH, and came through clean, unless Roger Clemens who tried to cover himself up.

Jorge Posada was also key for the Yankees in the 90's and 2000's, and was one of my favorite players until he retired.

Right from the beginning, Winfield was a fan favorite and eventually made the Hall Of Fame in 2001.

Rizzuto was a good player, not a great player. His career was shortened because of Military service by three years, but still made the Hall Of Fame.

More Paul O'Neil! 

John Wetteland was a solid closer in his two years as a Yankee, but not as good as some other closers that played for the Yankees.
Russ Davis had a very short eight year career, but it's always nice to have a rookie of a Yankee!

Cano was a great Yankee, and I was very very very sad to see him go. I wasn't fond of the 2013 Finest design, but hey, it's a Yankee!

Robertson was a pretty good for the Yankees in 2014, but he was never really my favorite player. I wasn't sad to see him go, but I was happy to see Miller replace him! I wish Robertson the best of luck in Chicago! It's also a blue refractor /199!

More Don Mattingly, except this one is from 2014 Allen & Ginter, and looks great! 

Mariano Rivera, the best closer ever. This is a refractor from 2013 Topps Chrome, and it looks great! Another Rivera card I don't have and to add to my 50+ Rivera cards!

Now for my second favorite card of the lot. A relic card of Mark Teixera #ed /99! 2012 Prime Cuts always looks nice, and even better when the player is on the Yankees!

Thank you so much for the cards Julie, I really like them and I hope the Tigers cards come soon for you! 

Happy Holidays!


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