Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Autograph lineup for White Plains

I'll probably be going to the White Plains card in January again, except this time it's twice as big, and it's upstairs! I'm super excited for the sports players (only baseball for me) that will be there, and am deciding what I should get signed. I'll show the autograph lineup first. It's not complete yet, but in my mind it is!

Gaylord Perry HOF free with paid admission $20 Anything signed

Sid Fernandez $35 Anything signed free inscription 

Bud Harrelson $20 Anything signed free inscription 

Jerry Koosman Anything signed $35 

John Rocker Anything signed $29

Mark Whiten Free with paid admission $10 Anything signed

Tino Martinez price TBD

The lineup is pretty strong. Tino Martinez will probably be the most expensive, but it's Tino, I can't really complain! I'm still debating whether I should get a jersey, or bat signed by Tino, and a Jersey, or ball signed by both Bud, Jerry, and Gaylord. I also have no wall space, so that's also a problem. It seems like it will be a fun show!

Happy Wednesday!

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