Friday, December 5, 2014

Didi Gregorius to Yankees

The Yankees just made a terrible three way deal with the D-backs and Tigers. The Yankees got Didi Gregorius, and traded away Shane Greene... What?! Shane Greene was spectacular for the Yankees in 2014, and Didi hit .226 for the D-backs. I like Didi for his defense, but Shane Greene was one of my favorite players last year.

I hope this doesn't mean Didi will be the starting shortstop for the Yanks in 2014. 

Who knows, maybe he'll be better for the Yankees, just because there a better team than the Diamondbacks. I sure hope so.

The Yankees also signed Andrew Miller to a four year deal, which will make the Yankees bullpen even better. Not that Robertson will sign with the Yankees again though.


Happy Friday!

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