Thursday, December 25, 2014

JANUARY - 2014 Topps Dynasty Box Break

I finally ripped into my single box of 2014 Topps Dynasty! It could have been a lot better, and it could have been a lot worse, so I can't really complain.  He is also a potential future Hall Of Famer. I had to go very very slow because it's one card one pack then done, so there isn't a whole lot of cards, but there is a lot of excitement! I wasn't hoping for a high $$$ card, but when it's $280 a box, you want a little value. So now onto the card!

It's not a 1/1

It's not a cut signature

It is for trade if anyone is interested in it!
Vladimir Guerrero patch autograph #ed 9/10! The patch was a little lame, but overall the box was not bad. My other box breaks were a little better than this one, the best being High Tek! Here's what else I broke and what I'll post (Nice Rhyme!)

-2013 Topps Five Star

-2014 Topps High Tek

-2014 Topps Stadium Club

-2014 Bowman Draft

-2011 Pete Rose Legacy

-2008 Upper Deck SPX

-2012 Pete Rose Legacy Blaster Box

-2014 Toppe Series 1 Blaster Box (3 boxes)

-2012 Bowman Chrome Blaster Box

-2013 Panini USA Retail Box (4 boxes)

-2014 Onyx game used batting gloves

-2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces Retail box (2 boxes)

A lot of posts will be going up!
Merry Christmas, I hope You all are having a wonderful Holiday!

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