Saturday, December 6, 2014

Another One Bites The Dust

Topps really screwed up on their highest end product!

Another one of those fake patch showed up on ebay, except this time it's Topps' fault.

This is an Angles patch. Wade Boggs NEVER played for the Angles, he only played for the Red Sox, Yankees, and Devil Rays. As far as I know, Boggs never wore an Angles uniform, yet alone an Angles patch. 

Topps' "highest end product" was a total fail. $350 for ONE card. But wait, one of ones! They have 8 versions of each card /10, so my guess is they have 8 1/1's of each card. I know they have 4 versions of the 1/1's, and that's still a lot. I thought the whole purpose of a 1/1, was so there is only ONE version of the card.

My new years resolution? Don't buy another game used card ever again. I better stock up now!

Topps better address the problem soon, otherwise i'm going back to Panini, even though messed up on their highest end product too. 

On a side note, Another One Bites The Dust, is one of my favorite songs, and thought it would be appropriate for this post. Hopefully Topps fixes this, and maybe even actually say something about the relic on the back of the besides, the relic contained on this card is from no specific game, event, or season. I think that's what it says.


Happy Saturday!


  1. Yeah that looks like a major screw up on the part of Topps. It might not be fake just the wrong jersey for the player. Of course the seller is from Taiwan so it might just be a fake card too, but doubtful.

    In Topps defense it's not 8 or 10 versions of each card it's 8 to 10 cards of each player numbered to 10 all with gold ink parallel cards numbered to 1. That shouldn't be that unexpected they did the same thing with their Sterling product a few years ago. But you're right this is a terrible product and idea with terrible execution. If you look at that checklist there are very few players that can pull a valuation of $400 for an autographed patch card, even if it is signed on card with a premium patch.

  2. Thank you for clearing that up! I'll be curious to see how much it goes for on ebay. If any product has "value" it's Topps High Tek.