Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Royals offense shows up

     With the help of Billy Butler, Eric Hosmer, and Omar Infante, the Royals got the win, 7-2. The series is tied up now and of course, the one day I don't have a ton of homework, theres no game on... Im super excited for tomorrows game, after I play MY game at 6:30. I think after both wins/loses, both teams know what they are up against and know what team they are playing. The best part is, when the Giants go home, they have a pitcher that can hit! And when I mean hit, I mean hit! He almost had the same batting average at Derek Jeter and hit 4 home runs and batted a solid
.258 with a grand slam! There you go, Giants win the World Series, see you next year Royals!!!

GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

go royals.... woo

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