Monday, October 20, 2014

The 2014 World Series

     The World Series will start tommorow at 8:07 PM! I've been waiting for this since Thursday, and now, it's only ONE DAY AWAY!!! This could be either a very good, or very bad World Series. It's either the Giants crush the Royals, or the Giants have trouble with the Royals and go to game 7. I think of the Giants as the better team when it comes to playoff baseball. The Giants will win, the Royals will have a better shot next year! See you next year Royals!

Pinch hit home run to tie the game in the 8th... Can't get much better!

Oh wait.... yes it can! Travis Ishikawa walk off 3 run home run to send the Giants to the World Series!

This is how I want it to end. For the Giants! 
GO GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!

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