Monday, October 13, 2014

Im pretty sure the Royals are winning the World Series

The Magic Team Of 2014

     The Royals are on an AMAZING run (haha get it) and they have now won six straight postseason games, and haven't lost one. yeah, that's pretty amazing considering they haven't been in the playoffs since 1985. They have so much since the wildcard game, it's hard to say that they could actually lose a playoff game. Even though I want the Giants to win, I think the Royals have a better shot. MAYBE.

I remember I was at a game in Baltimore at Camden Yards on my Birthday, and it was tied until (the third inning?) I don't know. In the fifth inning or so, Chris Davis came up to pinch hit, and was batting around .190 at the time, but had 20 something home runs, and only 60 hits. Almost %30 of his hits were home runs! First pinch hit at bat: home run...

I love and hate Manny Machado at the same time. Needs to have a conversation with Yasiel Puig.

     The Orioles are done, down 2-0. I'm not saying they don't have a chance, but they (in my opinion) will lose to the Royals in 6. Just because the Royals can't win everything. GO GIANTS!!!!

Nolan Arenado=Best Player!!!

If he were on the Angles, he would be BETTER (yes) than Mike Trout. I'm %100 sure of that. Maybe not the power, but everything else, Yes! 

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