Friday, October 3, 2014

Baseball is THE BEST sport... Find Out Why!!!

Why Do People Think Baseball Is Boring?    

If You Don't Want To Read All Of It, Read Whats Highlighted. I recommend reading it all though:) Thank You!!!


       First off, Baseball is the only Major sport with no time. NFL, NHL, NBA, MLS, are all timed. Not Baseball! It is very rare that a football game, or basketball game could go to REALLY deep into overtime. Baseball isn't timed and can last for hours and hours and hours. The longest baseball game ever was 33 innings and lasted 8 hours and 25 minutes! No other game in the sports i mentioned above even came close to that. The players also HAVE to play the game out and it is the only sport that can do that. In basketball you can dribble it until the clock runs out. Also, Baseball has records set EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. Baseball also plays 162 games a year not including the playoffs which makes it more intense the most by any of the sports above, the next is 82 games, half. Can you play 2632 games straight in the NFL? Or how about 755 touchdowns? And the Home run is probably the most exciting thing that can happen! And Last, but not least, The walk off! You can end the game with one swing of the bat and then thats it game over. You have to finish the game! Any other sport you have to run the clock down. Nope, not baseball. (I just want to say that i'm not putting down any sport)

Say you are down a couple touchdowns and there are only 30 seconds left. Can you make it up and tie the game? The Answer is NO. In baseball There is NO time and if you are down three runs in the ninth it is VERY possible to make it up and either tie or win the game. Today was a very good example why Baseball is and always will be the BEST sport ever.

Some of the most recent memorable moments in baseball

Aaron Boone walk off home run in the 2003 ALCS against the Red Sox to send the Yankees to the world series

Carlton Fisk waving the ball fair in the 1975 world series game 6 forcing a game 7. The Red Sox lost game 7.

The most recent, in 2011, when the Cardinals were down 7-5 in the ninth, David Freese hit a triple just over Nelson Cruz's head to tie it at 7, than won it in the 11th.

Joe Carter hits a walk off home run in game 6 of the 1993 world series to win the world series for the Blue Jays.

pinch hitting, Injured Kirk Gibson came up to bat, limping, and hit a walk off home run in the ninth inning. 
Kirby Puckett, hits a walk off home run in game 6 of the 1991 world series to force a game 7 when the Twins eventually won it all

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