Friday, October 31, 2014

New Routine-New Cards

Im going to follow this routine every day, or at least Ill try my best:

Every day I will post something about some memorabilia or cards in my collection, but am going away Sunday Morning to Florida, so I don't know If ill have any time then.

It will be a recap of a card show, card shop, or just any old new card pickup If that made any sense.

Thank You, and please check out my blog tomorrow for scans/pictures of my card collection.

Happy Halloween!!!

Check out this awesome card that I have coming very soon hopefully:
It's a redemption, which stinks, but It will be redeemed for this:

It's such a cool looking card of HOFer Tony Gwynn who passed away this year which is very sad at such a young(ish) age. When I get the actual card, Ill show any actual scan. I traded for this card, for some other cards I didn't like:

I'm receiving some other cards too, and will show them when I get them!
You would be surprised how much that Vin Scully is... He's just an announcer!


  1. Vin Scully is a legend, and I say that as a Padre fan who totally hates the Dodgers. That Gwynn redemption looks like it's going to be awesome, great pickup!

  2. Great cards especially the scully. Thanks for following mine and i will follow yours. Working on my trade bait area day to day so i might have some yanks for u. Ill put u on my blog roll as well.

  3. Nice ones ! Happy to set up a trade by the way ! Shoot me an email if you like with those Kershaw/ Verlander cards you have for trade and we will work out something nice !