Thursday, October 30, 2014

Im going to the White Plains Card Show!

          If you read the title, you all know I will be going to the White Plains card show over in New 
York! It will be a TON of fun (even though Ill be in a wheelchair) and I'll probably meet future (2015) Hall Of Famer John Smoltz which will be pretty awesome. It is from November 28th-30th, but I will only be going on the 30th. It is a 150 table show which will be fun, and a lot of stuff to look through! Even though you have to pay $59 to meet Smoltz, it will be WELL worth it. I'll get a jersey signed by him, and maybe a ball/photo if he's nice enough. I hope to have a good time, and meet a bunch of HOFers and stars, as well as current players. 

Happy Halloween Everybody

It's a pretty big show, but not like the National I went to in Cleveland this past year : )

I'm looking forward to a fun and good time!

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